The NRA And Fox: Trying To Bridge The Cowardly Bullies Logic Gap


Fox hosts–and other such far right wing pundits–prey upon the minds of the stupid and gullible. The students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School survived a shooting where they either witnessed friends and teachers being shot to death–and in one case pulled the body of a dead student on top of them to hide from the shooter–or heard the loud, percussive shots through doors and windows, living in fear of the shooter finding them in their hiding place and killing them.

The survivors who decided they’ve had enough, that they would step out into the glaring media spotlight and start a campaign to demand national gun laws that would finally begin to end this madness have struck terror into the heart of the NRA. And when the NRA is struck with terror, it strikes back.

Through it’s little servant surrogates like Ted Nugent, Frank Stallone, Laura Ingraham, etc. are given their marching orders to attempt to have their lemming-like devoted core of minions bridge the following Logic Gap: turn the brave survivors of a devastatingly lethal shooting spree into…cowardly bullies. Does this make sense to you? If you have a modicum of intelligence and a discerning thinker, no. If you are a Fox fan…well, that brings us back to the stupid and gullible. Anyone who believes that David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez are cowards and bullies also believes that Vladmir Putin is an honest but misunderstood benevolent ruler of Russia, a huge friend of Donnie’s–I mean, the United States of America, and should be welcome in Donnie’s White House to receive congrats on well-deserved honest presidential victory.

Speaking of Ted Nugent, it is said he intentionally pooped in his pants to avoid the Vietnam draft. According to Snopes the story is unproven, but then the only people who could have broken this story would either have been Nugent bragging to his buddies who then spread the story, the draft doctors who examined him, or the military personnel who typed up his 4-F draft classification. Some say that Nugent allegedly pooping in his pants, whether intentionally or unintentionally, to avoid being drafted was a supreme act of cowardice in itself, especially since no one was shooting at him yet. So, some ask, who is Nugent to call anyone a coward? It takes one to know one? In this case some say the only cowardly act in question was allegedly perpetrated by Nugent.

The NRA is trying to sell a bill of goods to the lowest common denominator of people who will buy anything. They’ll buy that only Fox is to be trusted to report real news because Donnie tells them so. They’ll buy that Donnie’s bloodstained hands aren’t all over the dead body of DACA. And they’ll buy that Donnie didn’t allegedly assault/harass and just sexually misconduct all over the place with at least 50 women, despite being married through most if not all of it.

I wish the morons who accept anything Fox says as gospel (isn’t one of their slogans “God talks to you through us”? If not, just give it time) would step back JUST a bit and actually look at that Logic Gap with a clear, discerning mind: “OK, over here you got teenagters deathly afraid for their lives and most grieving while still going through PTSD and positively directing their anger at assault rifles and high-capacity magazines…and over their these same teenagers being coward and bullies to Fox employees pulling in tens of millions of dollars a year, causing them to live in fear of these high school student cowardly bullies. Nope, still doesn’t make any sense. But then it’s never made sense to get news from Fox. But then that brings us full circle again back to stupid and gullible who watch Fox regurgitate talking points written and handed down by the NRA. Break the NRA, break Fox, break the little surrogate servants, you break the circle. Then maybe we can start to fix this country.


Me Too–The New McCarthyism

If your goal is to drive a Democratic senator from office, you don’t get to be anonymous. What a coincidence that there are two of you and somehow you both decide to contact HuffPo on your own at the same time while insisting you remain anonymous.

The first accuser claims to be “a liberal person…I voted for him after this happened.” This sounds more like a government-ordered propaganda whispering campaign of the type used in Nazi Germany or the USSR than a “liberal person”.

This isn’t freedom of speech, this is libel when written, slander when spoken. When this country gets to the point where anonymous sources contacting an online newspaper can make accusations with absolutely no shred of evidence, then Trump has indeed won.

“In a statement to HuffPost, Franken said, “It’s difficult to respond to anonymous accusers and I don’t remember those campaign events.”

Damn right, Al. You don’t respond to anonymous accusers. Let them step forward and identify themselves and exactly which campaign events those alleged events occurred. There’s a thing called the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution and it covers anyone accused of sexual misconduct–or worse–so that their lives are not destroyed by unfounded accusations or innuendos. It gives every single person in this country the right to face their accusers in a court of law, to have all evidence presented, and to have their case decided by a jury of their peers. This whole Me Too thing has turned into a lynch mob with the media supplying the rope and torches. There are men who appear to be legitimately guilty of some accusation and some of them have admitted their guilt. Some of voluntarily quit their careers while others have had theirs ended by a unilateral decision by their employers based entirely by accusations totally unsupported by evidence, other than those men who have in part admitted their guilt.

This is the new McCarthyism and it has to stop. This has to stop now. Our country is being run by men who have complete disregard for the rule of law, for our Constitution. We cannot afford to allow ourselves to follow suit or the last shred of democracy that still faintly breathes on life support will die. And to be brain dead would make us all like the orange-headed moron in the White House.

So ladies, if you set out to ruin a man’s career and life, you better have the guts to step up and identify yourself and provide proof. Otherwise, you have the credibility of that orange-headed moron in the White House.

Me Vs.You People

The 60’s left people worn out.  They’d given everything they had at the office and their activists pockets were bare.  After having been beaten and tear gassed and even shot to death by the authorities for  exercising their right to protest, people were dazed and confused as to what it had all been about.

The 70’s marked a time of spiritual awakening and the search for inner peace.  After spending a decade trying to help others, they stopped to ask, who will help Me?  But before that question could be answered they realized that they really didn’t know who “Me” was.  This gave birth to the Me Generation who decided to find out who Me was by setting out on different exploratory missions. The first mission was religious and that’s when they discovered Jesus.

Jesus became a huge commercial success and his songs were played all over the radio and his rock opera became a classic of his time.  But Jesus demanded that you reach out to him and for people with short arms that just didn’t work so they looked inward and then someone who had re-named himself Werner Erhard stole a Buddhist concept from Alan Watts and re-packaged and marketed it as an expensive  weekend seminar  called est.  Thus, another mission was launched.

But it was still costing people money to attain personal awareness and for many people it was a one-way transaction; they were paying big bucks for the opportunity to be deprived of bathroom, eating, drinking, and sleeping rights and many of them would think during the weekend “Ok, Erhard is making a good living off of my discomfort but what’s in it for me?”  The light bulb appearing over their heads changed the world.

What’s in it for me? That single question then was re-framed as “What makes me happy?” And the answer was…money. Lots and lots of money.  Enter the 1980’s.

People who had pursued Jesus and then personal awareness were now pursuing law degrees and MBAs.  They started working at high-paying jobs and quickly found out that it wasn’t heroin or morphine nicotine or coke or alcohol that was the most addicting substance in the world: it was money. Lots and lots of money. Too much money was still not enough.  If they felt guilt over how rich they were becoming, it was all absolved by an old man with prematurely-orange hair they had installed in the White House who kept pointing to the morning sun and telling them don’t worry about how much money you’re making—we’ll make more and besides, we’re all in this together.

But there was only so much money the federal government could make and people demanded more and more. So they looked around for other sources and saw that middle class people had more money than they knew what to do with, and they saw poor people who shouldn’t have any use for money in the first place.  So, setting out on a new mission under the a flag upon which the words “Greed is good. Greed works” was written they set out to find their Me in other people’s money, turning it all into THEIR money.

It has been 30 years since the inception of that last mission, which is active still today.  And what’s more, those people have raised children to take on the mission with them.  The Me Generation has evolved into the Me-My Generation because the two words are never far apart from each other.  How dare Obama and the Democrats raise MY taxes when it doesn’t benefit ME?”  “Why can’t I run MY business any way I want to that’s best for ME?”  But some in the lower echelon in the Me-My Generation decided they needed an official name and began to call themselves “The Tea Party”, which quickly was subverted by the higher echelon who then decided they needed to take stricter control of the money drug, doling out just enough to the lower echelon to keep them both addicted and willing to support their pusher in all things just to keep the money drug supply flowing.

Then the term “those people” was added to the mix: “Why should I have to share MY wealth with THOSE PEOPLE? What’s in it for ME?”  Those people weren’t too please with being referred to as “those people” and chose their own name for themselves: “The Other 99%”.

And that’s where we are today, except “those people” has further evolved into “you people”: “We’ve given all YOU PEOPLE need to know.” There is a war out there, and it isn’t THEY vs. WE as writer Greg Palast contends, it’s ME vs. YOU PEOPLE.  The Mes see themselves besieged inside their walled estates by the masses of the 99% who want a piece of what they stole fair and square. But the Mes are quick to point out that it was all done legally—just take a look at the laws; laws that were bought and paid for by the Mes courtesy of their paid employees in Congress and the White House and the U.S. Supreme Court.  But a lot of what was taken was illegally gotten, otherwise, why the need for hidden offshore bank accounts in expensive and exotic vacation resort locations?

The MEs are already experience the cold sweats, body cramping and tremors of going through withdrawal just from the thought of losing some of their money drug supply.  The YOU PEOPLE just want their fair share of the money drug and why not? A sufficient dose is not addicting and does make the body feel good.  It’s only from decades, even centuries of overdosing that the uncontrollable need for too much sets in.

The election this year comes down to who wins a major battle in the war between ME vs. YOU PEOPLE.  If the Mes win, the YOU PEOPLE will only be allotted enough of the money drug to keep them numb enough to perform slave labor.  If the YOU PEOPLE win, more of the drug money becomes available since they get a piece of the action. The war will rage on regardless because the Mes can’t stand the pain losing it would bring, while the YOU PEOPLE will fight until their pain stops for good.