Liberal Talk Shows—Best P.R. Right Wingers Ever Had

I turned on John Fugelsang’s Current TV show last night just for a moment but saw what epitomizes the frustrating state of most liberal talk shows today. Fugelsang and a panel were talking about Ann Coulter’s latest spew of vomit.  I have no idea what she said—and I don’t care. Once I saw what the topic was I turned off the show.

I don’t give a crap about Coulter but what bothers me is that I bet she gets more air time and mention on liberal talk shows than on Fox News.  I don’t know how many times she’s been on the Daily Show but I bet it’s more times than Stewart has had Bernie Sanders or Paul Krugman on.  I can’t stand liberal show segments like this one on Fugelsang or Stephanie Miller’s “Right Wing World” that discuss or play back comments made by right wingers for the sole purpose of fomenting ire and saying “Isn’t what they said OUTRAGEOUS????” The fact is hardly any wingers are watching Fugelsang and Miller so they’re preaching to the goddamn liberal choir who are already fully aware that anything Coulter says is self-serving, intentionally inflammatory shit. And guess what? If liberal shows didn’t repeat what was said—we wouldn’t even know about it.

OK, so Coulter first said whatever she said at CPAC and perhaps repeated it on Fox. So what? The people she would influence are already voting Republican and she’s not going to change or sway any Democratic minds so what the hell is the big deal? What WOULD be a big deal is if liberals like Fugelsang and Stewart would stop repeating her statements or give her a platform on which to make these statement she would be a lot less well-known. I’m sure Fox and the Repugs buy a lot of her books to boost the sales figures and then give them away free to whoever wants a copy.

The fact is the Right has not one pundit worth a shit so it loves when liberals do their p.r. work for them, even if it’s just chastising an assembly line right wing idiot pundit who’s never made a logical or incisive political observation in her professional life.  Just ignore her and those of her ilk. If Coulter had to maintain her infamy solely with her Fox appearances, she would go the way of both Sarah Palin and Dick Morris—both of whom Fox tossed overboard.

When I tune into MSNBC or Current TV, I don’t want to hear how lousy and corrupt Republicans and right wingers are—I already know that.  I want to hear what liberals and Democrats are actively doing to take our country back. And honestly, I haven’t been hearing much in a long while.


Current TV Is Now Passé

These days I’m less miffed at Al Gore for selling Current TV. Truth is, I barely watch the channel anymore. I turned on Stephanie Miller yesterday and she was in full self-admitted Obama apologist mode, taking on a caller who was saying Obama should withdraw our troops from Afghanistan before the end of 2014 because soldiers and civilians continue to die there. Miller’s response?  He campaigned on withdrawing the troops at the end of 2014, as if, duh, why should he speed things up if he didn’t have to? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

The caller also made the point that no bankster has gone to prison under Obama’s watch. Miller admitted that was true. She even acknowledged that while Sen. Elizabeth Warren is advocating charges be brought against the banksters, she doesn’t work for the DOJ.  I was surprised Miller gave the caller THAT much. I heard on NPR about a woman who retired at 59 to work on a research project that was important to her. The banksters stole her $100,000 retirement fund and now, at 67, she had to go back to work and will work for the rest of her life. I am positive that stories like that don’t shake Miller’s faith in and advocacy for Obama in the slightest, because Miller has her career and retirement in fine shape, thank you very much.

As for the other Current TV hosts, I love Jennifer Granholm, Cenk Uygur, and John Fugelsang but in the evenings, it’s all food shows and Hotel Impossible (THE best makeover show on TV and the only one that is not phony.  Anthony Melchiorri is head and shoulders above all the other guys.) all the time in our house.  All politics all the time just gets both frustrating and infuriating since there isn’t much any of us can do until the next election cycle–hopefully. Joy Behar’s show is too much fluff–the British do celebrity interviews funnier and better.

Sometimes I’ll turn on MSNBC but typically, the hosts have their regular cast of contributers who appear on all shows, making pundit comments about stuff I already figured out (“The Republicans just want to make Obama look bad.” “The GOP think Marco Rubio will be their big star in 2016.”) So then I turn the channel off again. At least with food shows, you learn something new, unless you’re watching the same episodes of “Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives” and “Chopped” for the billionth time.

An Open Letter To Stephanie Miller, Assorted Mooks, and John Fugelsang

While you guys are high fiving each other over the radio about the Republican “defeat” over the payroll tax cut “victory” by Obama and the Democrats, you conveniently gloss over the fact that the Republicans actually got what they wanted from the federal unemployment insurance benefits “compromise”.  99 weeks of benefits would be cut to 73 weeks or as low as 63 weeks. In addition, states would be able to force UIB applicants to go through drug testing. The Republicans wanted to mandate that all UIB applicants be at least school graduates, but you can’t have everything.

The right wing should be ridiculed for it’s ongoing onslaught of Obama bashing, but in the case where they claim the Obama administration cooked the unemployment rate books, they’re right. None other than Sen. Bernie Sanders states the actual rate is close to 15% when you add back in those with expired UIB, those who have stopped looking, those employed part-time, and those working multiple part-time jobs just to get by.

And Sanders voted against the payroll tax cut bill.  Why? Because for every meager $40 extra per month the average worker sees in his paycheck, that’s $40 being diverted from the Social Security Trust Fund. Obama says the shortage will be made up from the General Fund and that he won’t renew the tax cut after this. Maybe, maybe not. But after two years of precedent, doesn’t sound too believable.

You folks with your six-figure incomes and investments have no idea what it’s like to be unemployed anymore because it’s probably been at least a decade for all of you.  With all of your liberal compassion for those who are the objects of bigotry and racism, where is your compassion for the hardcore unemployment about to have 5-6 months of benefits ripped from their hands. You love to quote the government line that things are getting better and unemployment is going down. Are you out looking for a job now? I’m 60 years old, have been out of work since last June and NO ONE will hire me for any job paying over minimum wage, and that’s only been an offer to test for that ONE job. Multiply my situation by a few tens of thousands of people, including the “99ers”.  When my unemployment is cut off 36 weeks early, what the hell am I going to do? President Obama, Harry Reid, and most of the Democrats support this travesty, which just played once again into Republican hands.

You all support gay rights and women’s rights, which is laudable, and Whitney Houston, which is questionable, but what about supporting the rights of the unemployed? The legislation would allow for states to try pilot training programs, but there’s that little question of funding those programs, but nothing to concern your little liberal heads over.

Your hypocrisy is maddening in your unqualified support for Obama and the Democrats. Once again the truly disadvantaged is going to get screwed by them. They’re no different from the Republicans in this. But it’s OK. I can just tune into the Stephanie Miller Show and laugh my troubles away at fart jokes. Norman Goldman is right: the labels no longer apply. Some “Liberals” you are.

“I LIke Being Able To Fire People” – Mitt Romney

Agreed, MItt Romney’s quote was taken out of context but the entire quote and his explanation of what he meant tells volumes about what Romney thinks and believes. He damn well enjoys firing people because he did a lot of it at Bain Capital. And as Charlie Pierce pointed out on the Stephanie Miller Show this morning, who talks about firing one’s health insurance company? The average person talks about switching companies, not firing one and hiring another. The Romney quote, in and out of context, accurately depicts his corporate mindset. The man can’t relate to people other than as potential profit or loss centers.