Rand Paul: Putting Republicans Before Country And The Constitution



“I just don’t think it’s useful to be doing investigation after investigation, particularly of your own party,..we’ll never even get started with doing the things we need to do like repealing Obamacare if we’re spending our whole time having Republicans investigate Republicans. I think it makes no sense.”

Rand Paul just outed himself. As a US Senator he puts Republicans before country. To him it makes no sense to investigate the first president who is possibly guilty of treasonous collusion with a foreign leader–Vladimir Putin of Russia–as a presidential candidate and president-elect for personal gain and to avoid being blackmailed. But it makes perfect sense to deprive 20 million Americans–many of them families too poor to afford healthcare and adults with pre-existing conditions which made them lepers to health insurance corporations.

So Paul is on record as being out there. Solely out there in the Senate for his political party and not for his constituents, his country, and the US Constitution. That’s pretty short-sighted for a guy who used to be an ophthalmologist, don’t you think? And the tragic irony in all of this is that Kentucky voters likely to continue to be as self-centered and myopic as Paul when he runs for reelection.


Rand Paul: Tea Party Head Mad Hatter

Rassmussen Reports just released one of its famously pro-Republican polls


showing a virtual tie in the Colorado U.S. Senate Race between Democratic incumbent Mark Udall and Republican challenger Corey Gardner and, coincidentally (?), NPR News runs a  tory primarily to make Republican challenger Corey Gardner a national name in pursuit of the NPR News campaign to convince the American voter that this is the year of the Republicans.


After all, NPR trashes Obamacare at least weekly, and now almost daily (and several times daily) mentioning Rand Paul’s name and frequently accompanying it with a sound bite. There are 45 Republicans in the U.S. Senate but from NPR News you’d think that Paul is the only saying or thinking anything important because he’s about the only one in heavy radio rotation.  So Ted Cruz is now SO last year’s chopped liver for wrapping himself around and making himself the voice and voice of the GOP/Tea Party’s federal government shutdown. And Marco Rubio? He’s got the charisma of any fresh-faced little boy who looks like he’s wearing his father’s U.S. Senator’s clothes.

It’s been decided somewhere that Rand Paul needs to be pushed into the psyche of the American public and as frequently as possible. For what purpose, I don’t know—yet.  He’s not up for reelection until 2016 and two years from how he’s got as much chance of getting the Republican nomination for president as he has getting elected president this year.  To show how little chance the guy has to send out bids on a new design for the Oval Office rug, his GOP buddies in the Kentucky state senate are pushing a bill that would allow him to be on the 2016 state ballot as candidate for both president and reelection to the US Senate (much like Wisconsin state law enabled Paul Ryan to lose his VP bid and still keep his day job in Congress in 2012).  The state House of Representatives doesn’t like that idea so much and will most likely shoot it down if it passes the state senate.

It’s perfectly plausible that Paul has been positioned to be the once and future Head Mad Hatter of the Tea Party at a time when the Karl Roves of the GOP are attempting to separate and isolate it from the mainstream party because frankly, my dear, most Republican voters don’t give a damn about the Tea Party (except when it shuts down the federal government and then the word “damn” is heard a lot preceding the words “tea party”) except in the smallest and poorest Southern states with the highest numbers of uneducated people in America.  Rove once had pull in the GOP until his meal ticket ran out of presidential terms and he had to settle for a new career as PAC Man.  The meal ticket’s brother, Jeb, is undoubtedly planned by Rove to be his entrée to eight more years of White House entrées in 2016.

So, with Jeb in the top ticket slot, who would be the chosen one to slide into the number two spot? Hmmm, the name is on the tip of my psyche…Rand Paul.  It now all makes sense.  In front of closed doors guys like Rove decry how the Tea Party is destroying the GOP.  But behind closed doors perhaps Paul’s name was bandied about as a sure way to bring the Tea Party—and its voter base—back  into the fold and under control of the mainstream Republican Party.  The GOPowers-that-be may be willing to risk a Rand Paul presidency if it gets them a Jeb Bush presidency first.

So in the pursuit of that end, the orders went out to the subsidiary media outlets like Fox, CNN and NPR to put Rand Paul in heavy rotation and to keep his erstwhile rivals out of the limelight.  Too many choices make tea partiers nervous.  They like to keep things simple, you know.

Hillary Clinton Kicks Some Pipsquawk Republican Ass

I’m no Hillary Clinton fan, but Chris Matthews aptly described her today at the Senate hearing as Gulliver surrounded by Republican Lilliputians trying to bring her down. The three main “pipsquawks” were John McCain, Ron Johnson, and Rand Paul.

McCain continues to be delusional if he still pictures himself as having any political influence when the reality is he’s an old man desperately trying to hang onto fame before he is either voted out or retires come 2016. His “joke” about waterboarding John Kerry leads me to believe that McCain has lied all these years about being tortured as a POW himself. He might have asked his captors to break his arms after spilling his guts to make him look good.

Hillary withered Ron Johnson as she put him in his place with her defiant answer after his publicity-seeking questions that were utterly simplistic. She in essence told him that if he had read both the public and classified ARB reports, he would know what he was talking about. He’s still probably so withered he put in a call to Rush Limbaugh asking him to ship over a carton of Viagra.

As for Rand Paul, who pontificated about what he would have done had he been president when Benghazi was hit, Hillary just looked at him without comment. Her look was the visual equivalent of Michelle Obama’s eyeroll at John Boehner.

I still wouldn’t vote for her, but I definitely like the Hillary Clinton I saw today. I hope President Obama follows her example in dealing the Congressional Republiputians.

Libertarians: Liars and Hypocrites

I’ve been engaging in correspondence with someone, apparently a Libertarian but definitely right wing, on one of my blog posts.  He raised the possibility of a Libertarian candidate possibly winning the presidential election in a close race.  That kind of statement shows how little people who think they’re Libertarians understand politics and what politicians who claim they’re Libertarians are.

Libertarian politicians are liars and hypocrites.  Take Ron and Rand Paul—please.  Both claim to be Libertarian yet both are dues-paying members of the Republican Party, which is as anti-Libertarian as a party can be, unless it’s the Democratic Party.  Republicans hate social welfare but are big on corporate welfare, which is funded by taxpayers who are Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green, whatever.

Back to Ron and Rand Paul, who are both members of Congress and as such, receive free taxpayer-paid government healthcare as part of their perks.  These are two men who demand that Medicaid and Medicare be eliminated because people should either be responsible for their own healthcare plans or die.  Yet, neither of these men have refused their taxpayer-paid government healthcare plans and insisted on diverting the taxpayer-paid funds back into the U.S. Treasury. Liars and hypocrites.

Ron and Rand Paul, who are both members of Congress, are entitled to receive a lifetime taxpayer-paid government pension after they leave office, if they have spent (I will not say “served”) a minimum of five years in office.  So, if Rand were to serve only one six-year Senate term, he collects his taxpayer-paid government pension after he turns 62.  Where else but in Congress could one receive a government pension for a short-term temp job?  Neither of these men have refused to be included in the taxpayer-paid government pension plan. Yet, they both demand Social Security either be eliminated or privatized because people should be responsible for their own retirement or starve and die.  Except for Ron and Rand Paul.  Liars and hypocrites.

The Pauls believe that if something is worth doing it’s worth doing it yourself, kind of, with help from your local community.  Let’s put some reality into this fantasy.  Both Pauls had medical practices (they had to practice because they never got it right) ensconced in medical buildings.  It is unknown whether they were situated on the ground floor or forced their wheelchair-bound patients—if they accepted any—to surmount or descend several flights of stairs.  Undoubtedly, public roads directed patients to the Paul’s offices.  Public roads are maintained through tax dollars, paid by people who pay taxes so their local governments can maintain public roads and infrastructure.  But the Pauls don’t believe in paying taxes to maintain public roads and infrastructure.  Roads get potholes. Roads crack. Roads need maintenance or they can no longer direct patients to medical offices run by Ron and Rand Paul. So, if potholes developed in those public roads leading to or outside the Pauls’ medical offices, how would they handle repairing them? Being Libertarians, they should call on their fellow business owners and pass the hat around to pay to hire a road crew to fix the road. That’s the Libertarian way—taking care of things yourself and with your community.  Or, being business owners and Republicans, do they call their city council or county board of supervisors rep—or even the mayor county executive—and demand the road by fixed by a city or county road crew at taxpayer expense? You can bet they’re on the horn pressuring the politicians to plug the potholes.  Liars and hypocrites.

Every single public opinion poll shows that while small groups of fools will elect a faux Libertarian to Congress, no national majority will put one in the White House because we all see through their lies and hypocrisy.  Libertarianism may work in a small unincorporated community, but never on a national or even a municipal level.  This country is not a small remote village founded on some desolate outpost.  We’re a bit more than a population of forty people.  The “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” barter system only works on the frontier and in Congress (well, it used to work in Congress).

So anyone, like my Libertarian/right wing correspondent who truly believes in the possibility of a President Ron or Rand Paul is a complete fool and sees American politics through the spectrum of his own skewed ideology.

Show me a Libertarian dreaming of starting a business who would reject a taxpayer-paid government-subsidized low-interest SBA loan he qualifies for, and I’ll show you a fictional character.  Libertarians aren’t even Libertarians; they’re Republicans.  Liars and hypocrites.