When It Comes To The Democratic Party I’m Beating A Dead Donkey

I just reviewed my most recent Farlefty.wordpress.com blog posts. I’ve been doing a lot of Democratic Party bashing. The reason for this is that I am unmitigatingly hostile towards them because they–Pelosi, Reid, Wasserman Schultz, Obama, the Clintons–got us into this mess where the Republicans have taken over and Trump was enabled to gain the presidency by election fraud and voter suppression. Bernie Sanders never had a chance, not with the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign running the show. The Dems have been so focused on being Republican Lite with the veneer of liberalism that it turned off the Liberal wing and never, ever gained traction with Republican voters, and way too briefly with Independent voters.
Obama squandered his opportunity to unite and fix this country by just being another neoliberal Democrat. Most voters felt he was elected in a bait-and-switch campaign and never forgave the Democrats for pulling such a mass deception on them. Doubt my word? What happened in 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016? Obama was reelected in 2012 only because most voters hated Mitt Romney more. But the Dems continued to lose out on regaining the House in 2012 and then lost the Senate in 2014. The massive political hemorrhaging of the Dem Party continued in 2016 when they finally lost it all. So, in essence, I continue to beat a dead donkey.
ALL of this could have been avoided if the old guard Dems were tossed by power enabling the Party to finally turn Left and start pushing and passing LIBERAL legislation that the polls continue to say that most Americans want passed into law. The Dems failed us by continuing to fail themselves. And now they’re history, folks. The GOP controls the entire political game for top to bottom, from the corporate media to how elections are run and how votes are counted–or left uncounted or even uncast. It even controls the Supreme Court. And this is why I will remain hostile to the Democratic Party. The Republicans are now the only game in town and you can bet they will never allow any other party to set up a winning game of their own.

Mitt To Hit The Fan Again?

Speculation is rife that Mitt Romney might be thinking the third time’s the charm and try to pull a Richard M. Nixon phoenix rising from the political ashes act in 2016. I don’t think so. I’m seeing the Mitt Romney in 2016 Facebook pages, all the media questions but I think the presumed presidential campaign is a smokescreen. Mitt could be floating this 2016 rumor just to gauge how popular he is. He may be delusional, disconnected and arrogant enough to think he could still be elected president OR he might be thinking his political future lies in PICKING the next Republican candidate for president and bringing him across the finish line. Kingmaker Mitt Romney may be looking better to Mitt than President Mitt Romney. He’s hosting a big Republican confab at a fancy, shmancy resort in Park City, UT, and his old 2012 campaign people are telling the media that Mitt is the head honcho who put this thing together himself. He’s bringing together the old and new faces of the GOP—just for unity and to link the GOP past with its future in the minds of voters, you see? The old and new guards together again for the first time.

The thing is, Mitt can’t run for president in 2015 because he will be 69 years old. So what—Ronald Reagan was 69 when he took the oath of office. True, but Hillary Clinton will also be 69 in 2016 and the GOP wall of propaganda machine—Fox “News”—has been feeding its viewers a steady diet of “Hillary will be too old and infirm to be president in 2016″.  Again, never mind that Reagan was 69 and not-so-slowly sinking into the depths of Alzheimer’s and general dementia right there inside the Oval Office walls. C’mon, Nancy brought in a Taro card reader to help determine federal government policy-or was it because Reagan liked to play solitaire with the cards because he couldn’t tell the difference? We’ll never know.

Anyway, if 69-year-old Romney runs for president with 69-year-old Clinton in the race as well, either Fox has to slam Romney’s age or it has to lay off Clinton—those would be the only two options. And Romney, with his group of powerful old and new guard GOP buddies backing him, wouldn’t take kindly to Fox quips about Grandpa Romney and Grandma Clinton walking—literally walking with walkers—neck and neck in the race. So, I think Romney opts for a behind-the-scenes but in-front-of-the-curtain role in 2014 and 2016, leaving Hillary to the age discriminatory Fox wolves. Does it matter to Fox and friends that John McCain turned 72 before the November 2008 presidential election? Nah, not with the short memories of GOP voters. Besides, why else do you think he chose what he thought was a youthful babe to be his running mate? Because to have picked an older-looking man would have made him look older, and I don’t think any of the younger up-and-comers in the GOP wanted anywhere near the ticket headed by an old man with “Loser” already printed on his forehead before the Republican convention.

And regarding the Nixon analogy I brought up earlier? Well, here’s the thing: this isn’t 1968, we’re not deep in the Vietnam War; LBJ is not the president most of the country has grown to hate, and Romney isn’t Nixon allegedly committing treason by secretly negotiating with both the North and South Vietnamese to stay away from the peace talks table and Nixon would make it worth all their mutual whiles after he was elected president. Romney’s got nothing new in his career or in his personality to make GOP voters take a third look at him like they’re seeing him for the first time. His ideas haven’t changed since 2012 and neither has his tortured rhetoric and stiff attempts at humor. What he does see is his Romneycare a national success repackaged as Obamacare, which means he can’t claim neither credit nor glory for being its genesis since the GOP is staking many Congressional and Senate races this year on trying to sell the Affordable Care Act as a boondoggle that needs to be put to a House repeal vote—again.

And what’s Mitt been doing since 2012, anyway? Well, there was that documentary carried exclusively—and solely—by Netflix. You missed it? So did most of America, every chance they got. So, all this leads me to believe that Mitt Romney will not be entering the political ring as a contender, but as a promoter sitting in a ringside seat smoking a stogie and sitting next to his blonde trophy wife wrapped in mink and diamonds, or, next to Ann Romney. But still and all, if Mitt does run in 2016, it won’t be a phoenix flying in the air, but pigs.

Netflix Is Full Of Mitt

Yesterday I started seeing an online Netflix ad for a Mitt Romney documentary, “MITT”,  that it’s showing exclusively. It’s a chance to get to know the Mittens you never knew.  And boy– are they right! Mitt’s showing us—hey, I’m just like you—with mussed hair above a pair of tired,  faintly hopeful eyes looking at the camera as if saying, “Do you accept me now?”  Mittens allowed tousling of his perfectly coiffed and dyed hair? Wow, it’s the FIRST thing I now know that I never knew!

But once the afterglow of discovery fades away, a gnawing question replaces it: why this documentary showing the “human” side of Romney now? If he possesses any reason—as opposed to intelligence—he’ll never run for president again.  So, what could be behind this? Hmmm…Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick is ending his term this year and has announced he won’t seek reelection.  Is Romney thinking that with the presidency forever out of his reach he just might try to return to the seat of his former glory? That would be very Mittens-like but since he hasn’t announced he’s running or set up an exploratory committee that I know of, it’s just conjecture on my part.

The Utah governor, Gary Herbert, just started his second term, but who wants to be the new governor of a state that officially refuses to recognize gay marriage and deprives little school kids of their unpaid lunches by throwing them in the garbage—right in front of them? That’s not the tousled-haired Mittens I know!

The House of Representatives is too small to hold a man of Romney’s wealth so that leaves the Senate.  No open seats in Utah and I think Massachusetts voters won’t be venturing back into the dark Right side any time soon. So, this leaves the Massachusetts governor’s office as his only possible target.  I mean, there had to be reason why Mitten’s guys paid Netflix all that money to run their vanity project.  And the director of this epic, inside look at the Mittens we preferred to stay far away from as opposed to wanting to get up close and personal? Greg Whiteley, with only two other credits to his name:  “New York Doll” which examined an ex-member of the New York Dolls who renounced his past when he became a Mormon, and “Resolved”, a documentary on high school debates that for some reason puts Koch Bros. employee SCOTUS Justice Sammy Alito front and center.  Either he was one of the high school debaters or that’s how he got his judging experience.

It took six years to make this documentary. Why did it take so long? It probably took that long for Whiteley to film enough footage to make Mitten’s life look interesting enough to fill 90 minutes.

Maverick Meets Frankenstein: John McCain vs. The Tea Party


The pundits who in 2012 predicted tea partiers would claim Mitt Romney lost because he wasn’t conservative enough have been proven correct.  I think this signals that tea partiers are positioning themselves to take over the GOP.  The Tea Party is indeed the Frankenstein’s monster of Karl Rove and Dick Armey.  They didn’t create it but infused it with a criminal but malleable brain.  Now, despite a lot of evidence to the contrary,  tea partiers feel Almighty empowered and invulnerable, exactly the way Walter White felt after he blew up Gus Fring.

At first it puzzled me why the Arizona GOP Party was firing the first Tea Party salvo at John McCain, who isn’t up for reelection until 2016. I think their strategy is to let him know that if he doesn’t fall into line and goosestep with the rest of them, he’s a lame duck.  But while they’re patting each other on their shoulders for their assertiveness and take-no-prisoners approach to partisan politics, they might just have reawakened the sleeping maverick in McCain.  If he decides that he doesn’t like to be dictated to by the likes of pipsqueaks who weren’t even born when he was in a Vietnam POW camp he’s gonna start sending messages “See how lame THIS duck is” by once again voting his conscience and not the directives handed down on high from the likes of Karl Rove and the Kochs or their agents—who have been the only GOPers McCain does answer to.

The Tea Party occupies a small tract of land at the very fringe of politics but still they believe that they can seize control of the GOP.  That’s like Maine thinking it can overthrow the federal government and set up the United State of Maine.  The Arizona GOP Party division of the Tea Party is gearing up for a fight with the GOP hierarchy as to who will control the party come 2016. The tea partiers will come armed with exaggerated feelings of supremacy and destiny, the GOP hierarchy will come armed with money boys ready to park north of $600 million, ruthless veteran strategists, Fox , and what they consider their own “mainstream” Republican candidates to primary and beat these upstart whippersnappers.  I think it’s possible that we may be able to sit back, watch, and enjoy the GOP Civil War, coming to an internet and TV near you.

But a word to the wise to the Tea Party: Never bite the hand that feeds you.  You’ll wind up with a mouthful of missing teeth.

Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand: Hypocrisy By Any Other Name

Paul Ryan professes to admire Ayn Rand despite the fact he knows nothing about her.  Let’s compare Ryan’s philosophies with Rand’s.

Paul Ryan is supposed to be a devout Catholic.  Ayn Rand was a confirmed atheist despite being born Jewish.  Since Ryan is a Catholic, he knows adultery is condemned in the Bible as a mortal sin and is also prohibited by the Ten Commandments.  Ayn Ryan was an open adulterer, carrying on at least one affair with a student working with her and her husband.

Ayn Rand believed that people should not elect anyone to anything.  Paul Ryan ran for Congress in 1998 and has been re-elected every two years since then.  He is now running for Vice-President.  Why would he be earning a paycheck from the very government Ayn Rand deemed unnecessary?

Ayn Rand believed in a laissez faire system of government regarding business.  Paul Ryan voted for both TARP and the auto bailout.  He voted against the stimulus yet got stimulus funds from Obama’s Secretary of Energy for local businesses and homeowners in his state.  Ayn Rand was totally opposed to the type of government handout.

Ayn Rand opposed all government handouts like unemployment and Social Security.  In 1976, she signed up for and started receiving Social Security and Medicare.  Paul Ryan was raised in a wealthy, influential family but he still collected Social Security survivor benefits after his father died.

So every benefit Ryan and Rand received from our government they would deny you.  Ryan’s plan to privatize Social Security would not give the poor, aged, and disabled what he got—not even close.  What was good for Ryan and Rand is not good for you.  This is called both elitism and hypocrisy.

Now to get away from Ryan’s Rand-connected hypocrisy and focus on that which is solely his own.  He’s a self-styled deficit hawk yet…he voted for both the Iraq and Afghanistan invasions which George W. Bush kept off the books for his entire presidency.  Why do you think the budget deficit Bush handed over to Obama was so high? Pure borrowing and spending.

Ryan voted for Medicare Part D which forbids the federal government from negotiating drug prices with the major pharmaceutical companies. The government has to pay whatever the companies say it has to pay which means the government is spending more than it should be, thanks to Ryan and the Republicans.

Ryan plans to eliminate Pell Grants for 1 million students in order to pay for $40 million in big oil subsidies because he owns stakes in companies that would benefit from these tax subsidies:


This is what makes him such a great match for Mitt Romney.  Both believe in entitlements for the rich which are to be denied the poor and middle class.  Imagine those two sitting at a table, clinking glasses of champagne together and gleefully saying “The poor are not like you and me.”  Nope, to these two, the rich are rich and the poor are poor and never the twain shall meet.  Never.

Once a Willard, Always A Willard

Willard Mitt Romney is still the same prep school bully who forcibly chopped off a gay boy’s bleached-blond locks. Bain Capital became another pair of scissors and the companies and lives he ruined were just another gay, bleached- blond haired kid. Now he’s set his eyes on the presidency as a new pair of scissors; and guess who’s the new gay, bleached-blond haired kid?

A fifteen year old bully finds out in two or three years that he now needs the same people he terrorized in school to vote him Senior Class President.  This would give him only two lines of attack: 1. Claim he forgot all about it.  2. Go up to his victims, tell them that back then he was immature and had personal problems but has done a lot of growing up since then and has changed—and then give them half a $50 bill and promise to give them the other half if they vote for him for class president.  Much like he’s doing now—the first line of attack that is. Romney is all about denying his history.

A leopard never changes his spots, old dogs can’t learn new tricks, horses are not changed in midstream,  and young spoiled rich brats grow into older spoiled rich brats. He’s taken his scissors to England and Israel, and his press secretary borrowed them to use on the media in Poland, which is why the Poles escaped Romney’s visit unscathed.

Romney checked out midway through his governorship, running the state on auto pilot for the rest of his one term.  No reason to think he wouldn’t do the same as president, especially after he learns on Day One that he can’t outsource American citizenship overseas or transfer the Federal Reserve to a Cayman Island bank account.

Romney took his scissors to many companies and hundreds of thousands of jobs and now he’s seeking the votes of the same people he terrorized as he ruined their lives.  Forgetting what he did is not gaining him in popularity so that only lives giving all those people financial bribes to vote for him. But damn it all, he left all his small change in his other pants pocket.

The Many Unhappy Returns Of Mitt Romney

“Eight years was awesome.  I was famous and I was powerful.”

Those words of (thankfully) former President George W.  Bush encapsulate the two reasons why Willard Mitt Romney seeks the presidency? To better his fellow Americans?  To solve the problems of a country increasingly polarized and fragmenting? No, Romney likes the famous and powerful part. He wants to be the Savior of the business class, delivering his people from their chains of regulation and taxation to the promised land of the federal government-subsidized-and-protected global free market.  The battle cry of the oppressed corporate masses is “We want the world and we want it now.” And Romney intends to lead them to victory.

From Romney’s history as sole owner of Bain Capital, concern about people other than his investors has never been primary in any of his business transactions.  Companies were spun off and dissolved, American jobs shipped overseas, retirement funds raided, lives were irrevocably ruined, and Romney went on to the next deal.

It is true that Romney has been very active in the Mormon church and he and wife Ann are active in charitable causes and donate to those and others.  So, they are not entirely heartless and self-absorbed people, and charitable donations are tax deductible.

Romney has contended he left Bain Capital in 1999 to take the helm of running the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics.  He did a tremendous job in whipping the already scandal-ridden Olympics into shape, and the whip he used was $410 million in federal taxpayer money. The Romney campaign claims that that only represented 18% of the Olympics budget—and that was spent on security.  That 18% from federal funds is the highest amount ever paid by taxpayers to put on the Olympic Games.  The highest before that was 11% for the 1996 games in Atlanta and 4% for the 1984 games in L.A.  However, when these funds are combined with $1.1 billion in federal funds that were rushed to Salt Lake City for infrastructure construction, the total taxpayer tab for the SLC games was $1.5 billion.  I could put on the Olympic Games if I was handed $1.5 billion, and I could do it part-time.

Which is maybe how Romney did it.  According to a 2001 CSPAN2 video that has recently surfaced, Romney is introduced thusly: “He IS (emphasis mine) the founder and CEO of Bain Capital…” as young Mitt looks down and writes out a note.  But didn’t Romney claim in 1999 and is continuing to claim he left Bain Capital in 1999? And isn’t there all that nasty business the Boston Globe uncovered about his SEC filings that list Romney as CEO of Bain until 2002? His senior advisor, Ed Gillespie, claims Romney “retroactively retired” which means that if Romney actually didn’t retire in 1999 but then in 2002 he decided that he had.  Except that when someone retires from a company, after the retirement date they are no longer actively connected  with that company.  No, what Romney did was take a leave of absence while continuing to sign off on or personally handle deals and transactions between 1999-2002. How do I know this? Because those SEC filings claim Romney was still sole owner of Bain Capital during that time.  If Bain succeeded or failed,  it was his and his money only at work and at risk; hundreds of millions of dollars of his own accumulated and inherited money.  This was not a case of “I’m taking off for Salt Lake City for the next three years—you mind the store”.   One-quarter billionaires do not become one-quartrer billionaires by entrusting their fortunes to their employees.

The Romney campaign demands an apology for all these spurious and libelous charges from the Obama campaign and just about everyone else.  But in real life, one does not apologize for telling a lie if it has not been proven it was a lie.  And since Romney refuses to release his tax returns—except for his 2010 and partial 2011—then it’s just Obama’s accusation against Romney’s denial. Except for the fact that Obama has those darn SEC filings to substantiate his charge that Romney never left Bain during the time it outsourced all those jobs and invested in Stericycle, a company that specialized in disposing of aborted fetuses Romney may be against abortion but he supports making a profit from it).

When Romney wanted to be semi-famous and non-powerful as Vice-President in 2008, he gave the John McCain campaign 23 years’ worth of tax returns. McCain looked at those returns and promptly chose Sarah Palin as being “better qualified”.  It’s that kind of executive judgment that lost McCain the presidency, and his credibility.

So, those returns are still sitting in some 24/7 storage shed, already collated, already sorted chronologically. Just need to open up the boxes and get to readin’.  So, why does Ann Romney say, “We’ve given all you people need to know”?  So, John McCain ISN’T people, my friend because he got to look at 23 years’ worth? He isn’t a corporation so I guess he isn’t a people.

But here is the Mitt Romney’s problem: he is checkmated by Obama.  If he continues to refuse to release his returns, the American people will think he’s hiding something them people must not see and will not vote for him.  If he releases his returns and them people see that he has been lying since 1999 about Bain Capital and can be held directly responsible for the losses of American companies and American jobs, them people will not vote for him.  A possibility is that the returns would exonerate him by proving everything is a kosher as it can be with a Mormon.  But if so, why hasn’t he released his returns, even with the Republican Party and a couple of straying-from-the-reservation Fox people calling for it?

Because Mitt Romney doesn’t back down to anybody; not if they’re a defenseless gay prep school student trying to make a personal statement through his haircut, or pseudo political pundit George Will. It’s like he’s tied his tax returns inside a cage on the roof of the car and will keep them there until he arrives at the White House on January 20, 2013. Except he’s got to make that stop on November 6 to hose down the cage.  Except that it may very well be Romney who gets hosed on that day by the unhappy returns of the election kind—all going for Barack Obama.