The NRA And Fox: Trying To Bridge The Cowardly Bullies Logic Gap


Fox hosts–and other such far right wing pundits–prey upon the minds of the stupid and gullible. The students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School survived a shooting where they either witnessed friends and teachers being shot to death–and in one case pulled the body of a dead student on top of them to hide from the shooter–or heard the loud, percussive shots through doors and windows, living in fear of the shooter finding them in their hiding place and killing them.

The survivors who decided they’ve had enough, that they would step out into the glaring media spotlight and start a campaign to demand national gun laws that would finally begin to end this madness have struck terror into the heart of the NRA. And when the NRA is struck with terror, it strikes back.

Through it’s little servant surrogates like Ted Nugent, Frank Stallone, Laura Ingraham, etc. are given their marching orders to attempt to have their lemming-like devoted core of minions bridge the following Logic Gap: turn the brave survivors of a devastatingly lethal shooting spree into…cowardly bullies. Does this make sense to you? If you have a modicum of intelligence and a discerning thinker, no. If you are a Fox fan…well, that brings us back to the stupid and gullible. Anyone who believes that David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez are cowards and bullies also believes that Vladmir Putin is an honest but misunderstood benevolent ruler of Russia, a huge friend of Donnie’s–I mean, the United States of America, and should be welcome in Donnie’s White House to receive congrats on well-deserved honest presidential victory.

Speaking of Ted Nugent, it is said he intentionally pooped in his pants to avoid the Vietnam draft. According to Snopes the story is unproven, but then the only people who could have broken this story would either have been Nugent bragging to his buddies who then spread the story, the draft doctors who examined him, or the military personnel who typed up his 4-F draft classification. Some say that Nugent allegedly pooping in his pants, whether intentionally or unintentionally, to avoid being drafted was a supreme act of cowardice in itself, especially since no one was shooting at him yet. So, some ask, who is Nugent to call anyone a coward? It takes one to know one? In this case some say the only cowardly act in question was allegedly perpetrated by Nugent.

The NRA is trying to sell a bill of goods to the lowest common denominator of people who will buy anything. They’ll buy that only Fox is to be trusted to report real news because Donnie tells them so. They’ll buy that Donnie’s bloodstained hands aren’t all over the dead body of DACA. And they’ll buy that Donnie didn’t allegedly assault/harass and just sexually misconduct all over the place with at least 50 women, despite being married through most if not all of it.

I wish the morons who accept anything Fox says as gospel (isn’t one of their slogans “God talks to you through us”? If not, just give it time) would step back JUST a bit and actually look at that Logic Gap with a clear, discerning mind: “OK, over here you got teenagters deathly afraid for their lives and most grieving while still going through PTSD and positively directing their anger at assault rifles and high-capacity magazines…and over their these same teenagers being coward and bullies to Fox employees pulling in tens of millions of dollars a year, causing them to live in fear of these high school student cowardly bullies. Nope, still doesn’t make any sense. But then it’s never made sense to get news from Fox. But then that brings us full circle again back to stupid and gullible who watch Fox regurgitate talking points written and handed down by the NRA. Break the NRA, break Fox, break the little surrogate servants, you break the circle. Then maybe we can start to fix this country.


Rush Limbaugh: That’s Entertainment!

I like what Rush Limbaugh had to say about Sandra Fluke.  I like that Rush Limbaugh is on 600 radio stations and the Armed Forces Radio Network. I like what Rush Limbaugh had to say about Sandra Fluke on 600 radio stations and the Armed Forces Radio Network and was heard by over 20 million people and his roster of sponsors.  I like all this because over 20 million people and his roster of sponsors all found out what the rest of us knew already: Rush Limbaugh is a bully. Rush Limbaugh is a bigot. Rush Limbaugh is sexist. Rush Limbaugh is overpaid and way past his prime.  And despite the wise counsel of that great Catholic Rick Santorum, Rush Limbaugh is no entertainer.

Rush Limbaugh is not paid to entertain. He is paid to communicate the Republican talking points for the day and for as long as they order him to repeat them. What Limbaugh says on his Monday show will be repeated on every Fox TV and radio propaganda show that night and forever after. From Limbaugh’s mouth to Sean Hannity’s, Steve Ducey’s, Gretchen Carlson’s Laura Ingraham’s, and Mark Levin’s ears, goes round and round and comes out their mouths. It cannot be called “entertainment” if the garbage and untruths spouted on the Limbaugh show are repeated on Fox “news” and commentary shows. Bill O’Reilly considers himself a newsman with his long, long, long, long ago news background and not an entertainer. He can be heard parroting Rushisms. So does that make O’Reilly indeed an entertainer or does it make Limbaugh a newsmaker?

Limbaugh is paid to be an attack dog for the Republican Party. His attack on Fluke was a contract hit. The joke on the Republicans is that he would have done it for free.

Limbaugh calling a female law student “slut” and “prostitute” and demanding to watch her have sex online so he could savor every detail his tax dollars paid for? Now THAT’S entertainment! Or at least it is to Rick Santorum, who’s campaign needs our prayers since it’s on life support and the prognosis is not good. For Rick Santorum has deemed Rush Limbaugh an entertainer.

It must be a Catholic thing because at this time 12 sponsors and 2 radio stations have said, “No, not so much”, pulling advertising from his show and his show from their airwaves.

If an entertainer’s show broadcasts in a vacuum and nobody hears, does it still make an impact? Remember Ross Perot’s “giant sucking sound”? This is what everybody will hear instead after Limbaugh’s show is cancelled. For years his show has served as the official mouthpiece of the Republican Party and when the show is gone, the “rush” will be on to fill the considerable, big fat void left by Rush Limbaugh.

Watching the firestorm of hostility fanned by the anger of both women and men, the sponsors and radio stations feeling the hot heat from the Limbaugh potato and dropping him? Rush Limbaugh’s career imploding as we watch? Now—THAT’S entertainment!