Vatican Street

I’m not the first one to ask this but, if life begins at conception shouldn’t pregnant women be allowed to use the carpool lane? Zygotes are people too, my friend. Currently, the Virginia legislature is trying to push through ultrasound vaginal probes that could tell if a new, burgeoning lifeform is indeed inhabiting her inner sanctum. If that law passes, it could conceivably happen that a state trooper, suspecting a lone female driving in the carpool lane of breaking the law, could pull her over and right there by the side of road insert an ultrasound vaginal probe up her Volvo to confirm whether or not she had a bun in the oven.

Is this the country we want to become? Why is it that Republican men are so insistent upon checking to see if a woman is pregnant and on banning abortions to make sure that she is?  Virginia is turning so far to the right that they’re working on banning all prophylactic care so that both condoms and dentistry would be outlawed in the state.

Is this what Jesus would have wanted? This would be the place for me to insert a biblical quote, but never having read the Bible I have to settle for some of Jeffrey Hunter’s dialogue in “King of Kings”. Nope, sorry, it was John the Baptist, played by that great underrated actor Robert Ryan: “Woman, is not your cup of abominations full enough?” In other words—come on, sister! First you want the vote, then the right to smoke in public, then equal pay for equal work, and now you want sovereign power over your own body? You’re really beginning to piss Jesus off, here!”

What I don’t understand is Republican women who meekly raise their hand and softly whisper, “Please, sir, I don’t want sovereign power over my own body if you please, sir” just before they cast their vote for Rick Santorum.  Maybe like Mitt Romney’s father, George, they’ve been brainwashed, but this time by the Roman Catholic Church, to believe their bodies are merely vessels to serve at the pleasure of God’s will, as interpreted by Rick Santorum and the Republicans. I can see no other explanation.

But to complicate things further, the Catholic Church endorses the use of Viagra. In fact it’s paid for by the Church health plans. This is indeed curious. Why would the Church cover the costs for clergy who have sworn a vow of celibacy who work around young altar boys all day? Perhaps for a man a vow of celibacy exerts a strain on the heart increasing blood pressure? Viagra did start out as blood pressure medicine until a unique and unexpected side effect was discovered. Now with one medication, men can have a soft aorta and a hard penis at the same time. But we’re back to the question of why a single priest living alone in his cell would need a hard penis?

And there is yet another question to be answered. If the Church is dead set against contraception and abortion, why would it embrace Viagra? Unless it views a man with a flaccid penis as another form of birth control, which is against God’s will. But if it was God that made this flaccid penis, isn’t it God’s way of ensuring sperm will not meet egg, which after all is what birth control is all about? I mean, it’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a limp noodle.

So, it would seem to be that the Church signing off on Viagra would fly in the face of the word of God, as spoken by Rick Santorum and the Republicans. One would begin to think that the Roman Catholic Church has been set up like Bain Capital, Mitt Romney’s old stomping grounds. Hundreds of millions of men worldwide have been sent out merge with women who accept their IPO (Internal Penile Offering).  The women essentially become the holding company that issues the little dividends nine months later. The Church collects its percentage off the top every Sunday as all its subcontractors, I mean, parishioners, take a much-deserved day off as they attend the weekly corporate meeting.

So, we’ve finally come to what it’s actually all about. It’s about passing the plate and then passing on the genetic code just so the Roman Catholic Church can maintain a steady return on its 2000 year old capital investment. It’s the money, stupid.


Mitt Romney’s Past Is The Bain Of His Existence

Willard Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign is a testament to his monumental tone deafness to how the average American (read the 99%) feel about corporate raiders wrecking the American economy and throwing 15 million out of work and tens of millions out of their homes in order to enrich themselves.

There’s a now-famous picture of Romney with his Bain Capital partners with cash in their hands, clothing, and mouths. It was apparently a staged shot for an HBO series that didn’t happen but the imagery of the picture—staged or otherwise—has come back to haunt Romney big time. Perhaps at that moment in history he had no political aspirations, or maybe they were kept hidden while churning deep inside. Like George W. Bush, who carried the burden of a father of a father disgraced by Iraq in Desert Storm, Romney carried the burden of his presidential candidate father George disgraced by the press for claiming he had been brainwashed by the military over the Vietnam War. Bush Sr. was defeated by Bill Clinton in the next election and George Romney had to drop out of the presidential race. So, like Bush Jr., Romney’s presidential bid is just a loyal son’s attempt to re-capture his father’s lost honor.  That’s my analysis and I’m sticking to it.

But if the past is prologue, Romney’s Bain past may be his campaign’s epilogue. Staged as that HBO picture may have been, the image resonates with American voters of both political party affiliations as one of a man who put (Bain) capital before people.  Romney’s way to sidestep that negative image was to claim “Corporations are people too, my friend” as a way to show us that his heart was in the right place when it came to people—super rich, very powerful multinational people.

But when it comes to caring about middle class working people—well, not so much. That’s why he refuses to accept credit for the Massachusetts healthcare plan he signed which helped the poor and middle class and which Obama used as a model for his healthcare plan. With Republicans, Willard had to make a choice between being a champion for the average Joe and the super rich Joseph if big money SuperPacs were going to line up behind him.

So, it’s his Bain Capital background that his given him the largest campaign treasure chest around but has prevented him from netting more than 27% or so of Republican support since last year. The only reason his presidential bid still exists is because all of his Republican opponents—perhaps with the exception of Jon Huntsman—are people who wouldn’t trust with the key to your front door, let alone the economy and the military might of the United States.

Willard Mitt’s past is the Bain of his existence, which means he still acts like he’s making the big money deals. But instead of gauging at what price he can sell a corporate component on the open market and adjusting as needed, he’s gauging what policy statements will match the “strike price” of the American voter for his presidential bid. His early pro-abortion stand was too high a price for the evangelical voter to pay so he instituted an anti-abortion price reduction in the hope that will hit the purchasing sweet spot for that sect. Same thing with him turning against Romneycare.

As this post goes to price, President Obama held a press conference today and in effect stated he plans to out-Romney Willard Mitt Romney. But that’s another blog post.