The USPS Can Deliver Us From Evil—Anti-Union Companies, That Is

We union-supporting liberals are faced with a major problem.  We loves us our online shopping and front door deliveries but, unfortunately, the Godzilla of online shopping——like unions not one bit and hates union organizers even more.  Employee union activists are somehow fired for not performing up to job expectations.  Amazon loves it its young warehouse order processing and fulfillment workers but that love starts to get lost as those workers age past 50 if they’re employed long enough.  Time and warehouse supervisors wait for no age and so as workers age and their bodies naturally lose muscle tone, flexibility, and agility, they start to slow down on the job.  This slowdown is duly noted by supervisors and the aging fleet of warehouse workers as write ups placed in their files.  After the third write-up or so, this fleet of aging warehouse workers is forcibly retired, one by one.  I have no information on this but I would imagine but claim those workers were fired for cause so it can fight their unemployment benefits awards. But again, I have no info on this.

Besides Amazon, of the three major ground delivery services, FedEx and UPS will not have a union in either of their houses. UPS just fired 251 employees—the first one for being  both a driver and a union activist and 250 other drivers for walking off their jobs to stand in solidarity with him.  I just signed a Working Families petition here to protest those firings and to demand that UPS give those 251 drivers their jobs back.  Which is the remaining ground delivery service where unions are strongly entrenched? The United States Postal Service and THAT, my friends, is the reason the Republicans put out a hit on it with the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006. The only way to have that act repealed is to flush enough Republicans from Congress and elect enough Democrats to control both chambers freed from the stall and filibuster tactics of the Republicans so the repeal bill can be signed into law by a Democratic President.  Sounds easy enough, right?

Now, I am aware that not all in the USPS administration and its supervisory staff are union-friendly.  But with that repeal of the union-busting law and the USPS’ ability to return to profitability, the USPS can once again start to grow its delivery business without having to close post offices and lay off workers, and the union will become a stronger bargaining unit.  Plus, we can start demanding of and all online retailers that we prefer to have our goods delivered by the Post Office so they better start putting those delivery contracts in place. Pie in the sky? Well, the most beautiful sky is Blue which makes for some tasty pie.