Donald Trump, An Alleged REAL Crook In The White House


“In India, Donald Trump has repeatedly chosen to partner with people who have close connections to “extreme and corrupt politicians,” as the Center for American Progress recently put it, and, in one case, with a far-right elected official himself. A months-long investigation of the Trump Organization’s business partners in India, conducted in collaboration with The Investigative Fund and reporters at the Indian daily newspaper The Hindu, uncovered a long history of lawsuits, police inquiries, and government investigations that contain evidence of potential bribery, fraud, intimidation, illegal land acquisition, tax evasion, and money laundering. Moreover, the Trump Organization’s ties to these partners leave it potentially vulnerable to violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the 1977 law that prohibits U.S. companies or their business partners from bribing, or unduly influencing, foreign officials to advance a business deal. The Trump Organization and its partners in India declined to respond to repeated requests for comment on our findings.”

The linked The New Republic investigative report “Political Corruption and the Art of the Deal” by Anjali Kamat details the business deals that both Donnie Sr. and Jr. entered into with business partners in India with a long history of corruption, including allegations of swindling investors out of over $140 million. Business deals with these partners are still active, and the profits and the influence (going both ways) reaches into the White House.

This allegation of Donnie (I call him Donnie because in my judgment he is not the legitimately-elected President of the United States, and is a person wholly undeserving of respect) being a REAL crook also applies at least to Donnie Jr., only because investigations into the other children Trump (except for Barron–at this time) haven’t yet reported their findings.  But this is not just my opinion. I have facts to back this up, . Intelligent people who oppose Donnie will read this article. The dwindling number of people comprise Donnie’s base, demonstrably not as intelligent as those of us oppose him, will just look at the photo of Donnie Jr, smile and say “That’s his boy!”

If the facts in this report are indeed factual (I’m doing so legal tap dancing here) then Donnie and family give so much meaning to the word “crook” that the spillover will need to be applied to additional synonyms and associated words, like swindlers, heartless humanoids, con men, impeachment and conviction-worthy, traitor…I could go on. But, read the entire article to arm yourselves with solid information with which to bring forth your cases for the need to remove Donnie and his family from office. For you Donnie supporters, there are even more photos for you to look at. Enjoy!





Trump, the Second Colored President Of The United States


I’m convinced that all the racists who hated Obama were not opposed to Obama because he was the first colored president. He was just the wrong color. None of them wanted a black president. They want a fluorescent, phony tan colored president.

John Boehner proved that for the GOP orange was the acceptable new black. I guess fluorescent, phony tan is the new orange…



Catholic Sin vs. Jewish Guilt

The Catholic religion is based on Original Sin. We’re all born sinners who must have that sin baptized away in the name of Jesus Christ.  In fact  Mormons are so worried about dirty sinners they proxy baptize dead Jews as a public service just to be safe. Not sure if they baptize dead Muslims though; there could be a language barrier and their dead might misunderstand and think the Mormons are trying to drown the death out of them. Last thing you want in the afterlife is a jihad.

Catholics blow it all at birth by being baptized. I used to have to schlep my dirty clothes weekly to a laundromat, plug in the coins, wait for it to be done, and then schlep them home again. What a hassle. That’s what Catholic confession is like. When their soul gets dirty again—as it always will–they have to schlep their sins to confession, plug in a few “Hail Mary”s,  wait for the absolution cycle to be done so they can schlep their newly-washed souls home.  This can be a weekly event for some Catholics. And I’m told the magazines inside the confessionals aren’t very good.

The Jewish religion is based on guilt, in fact, it thrives on it. You have to feel guilty about something in order to be forgiven for it. A Jew just says “Oy, I shouldn’t have had that extra piece of pizza. I’m all bloated now. God, what a mistake that was!” In the morning, God has foregiven the overeating and allowed digestion to get rid of the bloat. THAT’S the way religion should work!

You might ask why do Jews need to feel guilty over everything? Don’t ask. Guilt, for want of a better word, is good. Guilt works. You don’t cross the Red Sea because you feel sinful. You cross the Red Sea because you feel guilty that if Moses goes by himself he might fall down on the Sinai Peninsula and skin his knee or something.

Personally, if I belonged to a religion where I had to practically drown my newborn baby to wash its soul clean, I would feel as guilty as sin.