Obama WAS The Special Interests President





The story headline “In Chicago, Obama tells young leaders that ‘special interests dominate the debates in Washington’” is is total crap. From day one Obama was all about pleasing special interests by funneling unrestricted bailout funds to Goldman Sachs and the investment/banking industries in general. Yes, TARP was a Bush initiative but Obama and his special interest lackeys, Larry Summers and Timothy Geithner, made it like they were proprietors overseeing kids in a candy store, even giving out handfuls of candy, aka taxpayer funds, to kids like every day was Halloween night. The banksters knowingly and intentionally committed global financial fraud and not one CEO paid the legal price. We all paid for the bailout and not ONE institution was required to change how they do business to prevent it from happening again. Dodd-Frank? Please…

They’re still selling the same derivatives (under new names) and other unsafe “investment products” that are again propelling the financial industry to another meltdown. The housing bubble is building again (checked out home prices lately?) and once again it WILL burst.

Remember Obama’s pushing through of all those trade pacts? We’re now just learning of some of the secret offshore accounts owned by American citizens and corporations housed in Panama banks. Remember how he also tried to push the TPP and the Keystone XL crude oil pipeline? How about his months-long silence and hands off policy with the Dakota Access pipeline?  Additional construction of nuclear plants? Pushing charter schools to the detriment of public schools? The Obama presidency was all about special interests, except for the middle and low income classes. I guess we didn’t hold much special interest for him.

Obama didn’t do a damn thing to unify anyone. If he had, we’d have a Democrat in the White House, a Democratically-controlled Congress, and Merrick Garland, as flawed as he was, would be the 9th Justice sitting on the SCOTUS bench.

The Obama administration will not go down in history for what it was but for its failure to become what it could have been. If his “aspiration” was to unify Blue and Red states, why did he do so much to polarize all of us?


2 thoughts on “Obama WAS The Special Interests President

  1. BroadBlogs says:

    We really need to get money out of politics. Politicians who don’t play the game don’t get reelected. The money just corrupts everything.

    I worked trying to get climate change legislation passed (even introduced) and Republicans who go against the moneyed interest get voted out — overwhelmed by big oil money, Which is why you can’t get any Republicans to back a climate bill.

    Even if you get a pure Green party person in the running it’s hard to get and stay elected. No wonder you see so few of them.

    We really have to change the system.

    If in the last election many pure lefties had voted for Clinton, she would have put someone on the Supreme Court who would have blocked big money — as all Democratic appointees have. But they had to be pure, which helped to elect Donald Trump and get a big money person on the Supreme Court.

    • farlefty says:

      Fully agree we MUST get money out of politics. But good luck with that. Not with big money being mother’s milk for both major political parties and they will not be weaned off it.

      No wonder the Greens never get anyone elected. Their presidential candidate was a joke. I voted for a white woman candidate for president, but she was from one of the various Communist/worker parties who didn’t stand a chance. I liked her bio and that of her black male VP running partner.

      And BroadBlogs, you need to stop beating that dead horse. You can’t be more dead than dead. Even the flies have departed from that horse. Thing is, as I’ve tgold you on your blog, “pure lefties” didn’t vote for Clinton precisely because she WASN’T a lefty and never has been. She was handed the nomination illegally and lefties don’t cotton to illegal gifts to candidates. Yes, it gave us Trump. If Bernie hadn’t intentionally ditched his own candidacy in the political ocean (I think a deal was made with the Clinton campaign and the DNC), Trump would have gone back to starring in his crap reality show firing has been “celebrities” and Bernie and most likely a bunch of new Democrats would be running the fed government, and perhaps Merrick Garland might be sitting on SCOTUS unless Bernie had a better choice, like a pure liberal judge.

      So, stop casting blame on “pure liberals’ for President Moron in the White House. You and “unpure liberals” chose to back Clinton, not us.

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