Hillary Clinton Snatched Nothing From The Jaws Of Victory

***UPDATE: Since I first wrote this the Clinton campaign is claiming victory in Iowa despite the fact there is no victory as yet to claim. One precinct remains uncounted and there are questions about the results in a few others. This shows how desperate that campaign is to claim a meaningless win, as I explain further down. It also shows how afraid they are of Bernie Sanders’ surging campaign. It’s Déjà vu circa 2008 all over again.***

 The corporate media is spinning the virtual tie in Iowa as a victory for Hillary because she didn’t lose. That’s utter nonsense. In fact, a few coin tosses led to the tie which further renders the Iowa caucuses results meaningless.


Bernie has been, ahead, behind, and tied with her in the Iowa presidential polls leading up to the Iowa caucuses. The very fact that he tied with HIllary, who has been the media-anointed eventual Democratic presidential nominee is a victory for Bernie.

 Even Reuters agrees, sort of. The news agency ran a story about how the Iowa tie raises doubts about her campaign. “‘She has had every possible structural and organizational advantage and Sanders fought her to a draw,’ said Dan Schnur, director of the Jesse M. Unruh Institute of Politics at the University of Southern California.’This is almost a moment by moment rerun of 2008,’ Schnur said. ‘The difference is her competition is not as tough this time.'”


 So Bernie’s not as tough a competitor as Obama was in 2008 yet he still tied with Hillary. Do not think that that butterflies are not fluttering inside stomachs within the Clinton campaign today.

 But we must keep in mind that the Iowa caucuses historically have been regarded as a non-important event since they don’t really mean anything. They’re beauty contests which don’t even fully decide the number of delegates that will be sent to the national conventions for both parties. In Iowa after the caucuses, elections are held in the counties and congressional districts and then statewide to choose the slates of delegates who will go to the national conventions held by the Democrats and by the Republicans.Tonight was just the first of four contests to elect delegates to the national conventions for the Democrats and the Republicans.

 NOTHING WAS POLITICALLY DECIDED LAST NIGHT. All that happened was that both candidates could declare they didn’t lose a media-hyped contest. The full slate of 44 Democratic delegates headed to the convention won’t be decided until June. With O’Malley out of the race (suspending a campaign means the candidate still qualifies for matching federal funds for contributions that the candidate continues to receive, even after that particular election is over. These funds go towards paying down the outstanding campaign debt.) his few delegates are again in play.

 All that was at stake here were the bragging rights to winning the first political contest of the election season. These were denied to both Bernie and Hillary but they can brag they didn’t lose either.

 Meanwhile, the corporate media already has Iowa in its rear view as it has already moved on to New Hampshire. Bernie is expected to win big there but it’s predicted Hillary will win both the South Carolina and the Nevada primaries. Maybe, maybe not. In any case, like Iowa and New Hampshire those two states have never played a major role in deciding a presidential election, let alone the presidential nominee. Nevada, considered a swing state, only has 6 electoral votes. South Carolina only has 9. There are far more important contests than these two states to decide who will get the nomination and who will be elected president.