Donald Trump’s Running For President–Or IS He?

Here’s my take on Donald Trump–and I could be wrong. First, I question why a guy who’s historically been a political moderate is going so hard right that he’s even to the right of Ben Carson? My theory is that he’s intentionally saying outrageous, politically suicidal things because he doesn’t want to be president.

I think every presidential campaign of his has been a sham.  Why  should he run for president, win, and take a pay cut? All of his wealth–credit cards, financial accounts, all his business interests–are taken away from him and put in trusts until after he leaves office.  He’d have to give all control of his businesses to others otherwise we’re talking conflict of interest.

And he’s a businessman. Does he really want to deal with what he would have to consider the boring parts of the president’s job? ? Does he really want to deal with Congress, the different agencies, lobbyists, the corporate media, all those foreign countries–especially China and Russia, ISIS, al-Qaeda, the various wars around the world, global warming?  He’s worth several billion dollars, has access to everything and can do and say whatever he wants. Why the hell would he want to trade it all in to be president? I really don’t think he’s megalomaniacal enough to want to be president just to have control of the military and our nuclear weapons and to be the most powerful man in the world-without access to his financial empire.

Why is he slamming Muslims? Because I think he’s fomenting outrage to the point where his popularity tanks and it essentially provides him a way to gracefully bow out of the race instead of quitting when his numbers are high. He wants to lose this race.  If he knows how to read public opinion polls he can clearly see his voting base rests securely with the right wing lunatic fringe of the GOP,  a fringe so right wing looney that they view Rand Paul and Jeb Bush as liberals.

He’s already lost “The Apprentice” and after recently selling off his entire holdings in the Miss Universe Organization his future presence in the corporate media looked to be severely diminished.  What better way to increase it then to run for president and position himself as The Great White Wing Hope.   The good news is that after he closes his “presidential campaign” early next year we won’t be subjected to another installment of “Donald Trump Runs For President” until 2020.





5 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Running For President–Or IS He?

  1. A good analysis but you overlook his absurd ego and narcissism which drive him to believe, entirely wrongly, that he would make the best President.

    • farlefty says:

      I think his ego and narcissism are already blatantly obvious and everyone comments on them. My focus is on my belief that his serial presidential runs are just to feed that ego and narcissism and nothing more. I think he got further this time than he’d ever dreamed he would and he’s worried because the corporate media seems to be taking this run seriously. Of course I could be wrong but I can point you to his past presidential campaigns. The most outrageous he got was pushing the Birther idiocy in his last campaign. He has never, to my knowledge, ever commented on Muslims and on Syrian refugees before or, if he did, to this outrageous extent.

      A guy who’s been long time friends with the Clintons and has been a political moderate (check out his history) does not make comments like he’s now doing unless he’s trying to drive voters elsewhere. I don’t think he’s driving them to Hillary Clinton because his statements have now become part of GOP candidates’ campaign to show that by comparison they’re all sensible individuals who love the Constitution. The only other conclusion is that he’s become totally deranged in the last four years from losing major network slots for his two TV shows or it’s an undiagnosed brain tumor talking. Neither seems likely nor makes sense. From the current evidence, I think the logical conclusion is what I’m contending, that it’s all a show and he’s trying to close it out of town before it flops on Broadway (the primaries). His ego couldn’t stand coming in behind the other Republican candidates in state after state.

  2. I tend to agree. Listened to Prairie Home Companion this past weekend and the “Guy Noir” segment expressed it with a very funny twist.

    • farlefty says:

      Thanks. I’ll have to check that out online. I haven’t listened to PHC in months. Listening to it now. Yep, they have the same take on Trump, but much funnier.

      I was just told about the Lawrence O’Donnell show from last night. I just watched the clip. Turns out I was right.

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