The GOP Whack-A-Mole Game Continues In Corporate Media World

So, the corporate media is going ga-ga over Marco Rubio’s candidacy based on last night’s “debate” performance. As if regurgitating carefully-scripted and rehearsed one-liners and comments makes one fit to be president. Ted Cruz is in the #2 spot based on this one performance, too.

In the real world both are political jokes, of course, but in Corporate Media World they’re suddenly they’re the new favorites over Donald Trump and Ben Carson. That’s based on ONE performance. But to the Washington Post’s credit, it does question whether these latest moles will be able to keep their heads above ground when the voters whack with their ballot mallets next year.

But the GOP presidential clown car has always been more like a game of whack-a-mole,hasn’t it? One head rises, is knocked down, another takes its place until it too is knocked down, etc.

Just goes to show how painfully low the presidential candidate bar is for the GOP and its partisan propagandists in Corporate Media World, NPR included. They love the men wearing the big cowboy hats but totally lacking in cattle.