When It Comes To Gender, I Refuse To Transition

I’m just about as politically and socially as liberal as they come. I fully support same sex marriage and same sex couples parenting their children. But here’s where I part company with the concept, and it also applies to “transgender” individuals, too.

In Florida, a same sex couple has filed a lawsuit to force Florida to abide by a SCOTUS decision allowing for same sex couples to both be listed on their child’s birth certificate. All well and good and I fully support it. However, one of the married female married partners wants to be listed as “father” on the document. The Florida agencies who control all this refuse to honor this request—and I agree with them. Excuse me? Father denotes a male parent and she certainly ain’t one of those.

The biological father of any child is the male from which the sperm was donated. It’s a biological impossibility for a woman to father a child. A plastic surgeon can tack on a somewhat functional penis and maybe a semblance of testicles but a woman—except in the case of a hermaphrodite—will never have a prostate gland and will never undergo spermatogenesis no matter how many testosterone supplements or injections she’s given. Why? Exactly: no Y chromosome.

By the same token, no matter how much estrogen is pumped into a male, he’s not going to be able to trade in his Y chromosome for another X. Therefore, it’s biologically impossible for a man to conceive and then gestate a fetus inside his, er, womb because he ain’t got one, you see?

But given these changing times of ours, the sample is so simple no wonder Florida and the other states balking at signing off on same sex couples as parents on a birth certificate is this: add another line. Besides “mother of child” and “father of child” add “Parent of child”. There! Problem solved. Because despite what many couples who employed donor dads and surrogate moms to produce their children, it’s vitally important—especially medically—to know who the birth parents are for those children.

Because within that DNA could be potential health and mental issues that could be difficult to solve without knowing the medical history of both birth parents. If the donor dads and surrogate moms don’t want to be listed on the birth certificate, their medical histories need to be known and accessible by at least the birth parents to hand over to whatever physicians or medical providers require it for the sake of the children. But with my idea, even if the Father or Mother lines are left blank, “Parent of child” should more than suffice for getting both partners on legal record for being the legal parents of their common child.

And now for the transsexual thing. As I stated above, mens don’t got X chromosomes and womens don’t got Y chromosomes. They can tack or remove external sexual organs as they wish (or in Bruce/Caitlin Jenner’s case leave all his male junk intact) and further undergo the plastic surgeon’s re-sculpting knife, undergo hormone therapy to grow or lose the boobs, to grow or lose the facial and body hair (undergoing laser hair removal treatments for the latter) and whatever else their bank accounts will afford but bottom line is IT’S ALL EXTERIOR. At this point in history, science can’t (safely?) gene splice chromosomes of the opposite sex into people who want to switch genders at the most fundamental level.

For some reason in the 21st Century we’re supposed to have become enlightened enough so that just because a person says they’re something and either changed their physical appearance or had the required plastic surgery to physically resemble it, we’re supposed to accept them as what they say they are.

Bullshit. Just because the genetically -white Rachel Dolezal claimed to be black doesn’t mean in reality she is black. Just because genetically-female Chastity Bono underwent plastic surgery to claim she’s now the male Chaz Bono doesn’t mean she’s a male. And it certainly means that just because Bruce Jenner underwent the same surgeries doesn’t mean that Caitlin Jenner is female—again especially so since he decided to leave his male sexual organs intact. Trying to have his cake and eat it too? I really don’t want to go there any further than that.

But let’s take this whole thing to its logical absurdist extension. What’s to stop me from having plastic surgery in which I have my legs shortened so that I stand 3 feet tall, have all my body hair removed, sculpt and plane my face and body down with the appropriate injections to look decades younger, have surgical reassignment surgery, have my eyes surgically slanted than they already are, have my skin color chemically tinted, all so that this 63-year-old white male of eastern European Jewish descent can pass himself off as a 3-year-old female Chinese child? Why not? If I say I’m something and I look like that something I AM that something, right? Not by a long shot.

Enough of this nonsense. We are the genders we are because our DNA has predetermined what we are. Science cannot yet gene splice specific sex chromosomes into human fetuses that I’m aware of. Besides, if they could, it’s the parents choosing the gender of the unborn child and not the child itself after it’s born. You could take a Ford chassis, rip out the guts and convert it into a Chevy but it would still be built on a Ford chassis. By the same token, you can take the external man off the man and you can take the external woman off the women, but you can’t take the man out of the man or the woman out of the woman. A female will never be “Dad” and a male will never be “Mom”. It’s genetic. And genetics has nothing to do with being politically or socially liberal.