The Bizarro World Of The Ultra-Farleftys

I’m a farlefty. My blog name validates this or it wouldn’t be called Farlefty. My world is ruled by logic, common sense, and deductive reasoning and opinions based on research. Then there’s the world of the ultra-farleftys in which President Obama is lying about ISIS/ISIL and the threat they pose to our American way of life. They claim he just wants to phony up a war in Iraq just like the Bush administration did. They also claim we are being lied to about the threat ISIS/ISIL poses to Syria along with the threat Assad poses to his own Syrian people. These people claim the puppet masters behind the marionette show which is Congress, SCOTUS, and the White House are hungry for more oil fields and the plentiful natural resources laying around all over the place in the Middle East and that’s what’s really going on. Well, I agree with that up to a point—especially about most of Congress and the five Koch Brothers employees on SCOTUS being puppets.

But here’s the problem as I see it with the overwhelming paranoia on the Far Left: If Obama is just as much of a liar as George W. Bush was, then this country is already lost to the likes of the Koch Brothers. It’s game over, folks; there’s no Blue and there’s no Red, just Purple. If this is to be believed, then there’s not a thing we can do about it because the game is rigged and no matter who you believe or who you vote for, you’re wrong. I believe Obama to be a basically good man of good intentions for this country, but it’s undeniable that for most of his presidency he’s been in the pockets of the likes of Goldman Sachs (look at how many people from GS he chose to fill White House and Federal Reserve Bank positions) and the banksters (Jaime Dimon being his good buddy). But given all this, Obama did sign into law bills that have helped—for the most part—consumers and homeowners.

These same ultra-farleftys also think Vladimir Putin is an innocent victim of worldwide disinformation intended to frame him as a despot intent on returning the Ukraine piece back to the jigsaw puzzle that was the Soviet Union. They claim that it’s Petro Poroshenko, president of Ukraine, who’s the real villain, trying to gain the world’s sympathy by falsely claiming Russian nationalists and operatives had invaded Ukraine and started shooting wars to capture and control the southeastern region of the country. Ultra-farleftys also point to interviews and articles on Russia Today (where else) that claim it was Ukraine that shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 near Donetsk in the that the ensuing global outrage would result in a world war against Russia.

The world of the ultra-farleftys is like the Bizarro world in the Superman comics. The good guys are the bad guys and the bad guys good. Everything you know is wrong, which is true up to a point. I think that intelligent people who are also congenitally insightful are intuitive enough to discern truth from fiction, lies, and propaganda. When you read a book by Paul Krugman, you just know he is truthfully and accurately relating what went wrong with the financial system in this country and how to fix it. When you read books by Bill O’Reilly or Ann Coulter, you know they’re lying pieces of shit.

Ultra-farleftys may be intelligent folk—many of them seem to be—and some may well be well-meaning but unknowing purveyors of disinformation while others are in on the scam. I don’t know. But what I do know is that people on the far left can go so far to the left, and people on the far right can go so far to the right that both groups meet in the middle. It’s one thing to be faced on both sides with lunacy, but to be surrounded by it creates a vacuum empty of knowledge and truth. Nature abhors a vacuum but tyranny loves it.


The Big Picture Is Fuzzy To Too Many Near-Sighted Democrats

What frustrates me is how many people fail to see the big picture when making comments and forming opinions. With the grand predictions throughout the corporate media that the GOP is poised to take back the Senate, everything matters and everything, no matter how disparate and unimportant it may seem to these individuals, is linked and interrelated.

What are you seeing in the news now? The Republicans MIGHT be in trouble in a few races but the Dems are in more trouble in the races they need to win. Here this enough, just like the way any propaganda campaign works, and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Scott Walker holds a small lead over Mary Burke in the latest polls so what does that tell you? McConnell still has a real chance to win reelection and what does that tell you? Walker has decimated the unions in his state but he’s till running ahead of Burke.

What it tells you is that the Democrats are still doing a piss-poor job at selling their candidates and some of the candidates themselves are doing a piss-poor job of selling themselves. The Repubs have had forty years to perfect their sales pitch and control the political narrative in this country with the help of right wing TV and talk radio stations in every town in America. The last stats I read showed that Fox/right wing radio is in 500 radio markets nationwide while liberal talk radio was in just 50 markets–and this was two years ago. The number of radio markets carrying liberal talk have dwindled since then and in many radio markets where liberal talk is still limping along, the shows can only be found on low-powered college stations or low-powered independent radio stations.  In many ways the Democrats themselves have enabled this.

There is absolutely no reason at this point after the way the GOP-controlled Congress has been and continues to destroy this country that the Dems should still be fighting for their political and our very real lives. This is why I’ve posted so much about Alison Grimes and about other Dems who are distancing themselves from Obama. At this point IF the Dems had done their jobs and IF they hadn’t allowed the FCC to remain in conservative hands there would be more liberal programming on TV and radio. Al Gore screwed liberals by taking what he thought was easy money and selling Current TV to Al Jazeera who’s he’s now suing because he never got all that easy money. MSNBC will probably be urging its viewers to “Lean Backward” soon.

It’s imperative that everyone step back and view the Big Picture. To see all the relationships and discern the pattens which show us where we’re headed and think of SOME way to reverse the manufactured pattern that will convince uneducated voters that Obama is a truly lousy president and the Dems in Congress are right there with him. But, the right wing controls all media here and so, I have no idea how to fix this. Obama showed he had no interest in fixing it by who he nominated to head the FCC and to sit on the board. Tom Wheeler, the chairman, was an industry lobbyist–and a venture capitalist–before Obama named him and confirmed by the Senate. Says much about the Democrats that they had no problem with a installing a guy whose resume screamed CONFLICT OF INTEREST in the top job at the FCC.