Israel Should Give Up Its Conquered Lands After The U.S. Gives Up Its Conquered Lands

Some people are calling for Israel to return to its 1945 borders. The people who angrily cry that force should be used against Israel if it fails to comply know nothing of the history of the region and even less about the Jewish people and about the Palestinians. They are the same people who claim they are nor neither side, yet it’s Israel they attack and Israel at whose feet they lay all the blame. Try reading some history and get some knowledge before you post comments showing your lack of both. Israel has been attacked by a coalition of Arab states in 1948, 1967, and 1973, winning all three conflicts along with the additional land which acts as a buffer zone for Israel against future attacks. Note that the PLO has been waging war against Israel since the PLO’s formation in 1967.  Nowadays, Hamas do the fighting while the PLO “attempts” to negotiate peace with Israel while at the same time Israel is trying to negotiate with Hamas. But this is not the main point I’m making here. But this is not the main point I’m making here.



Not only is this talk about returning to previous borders unrealistic, it flies in the face of history. Let’s take this “logic” to its absolute absurdity. Open another browser window and bring up a map of the United States. Got it up in front of you? Look at it; look at how our borders stretch from coast to coast and from Mexico on up to Canada. Look also at Alaska and Hawaii. Our country sprung full blown with these borders and with Alaska and Hawaii, right? The indisputable fact is that every single acre of land, every stretched border of this country was taken or bought from somebody else—and I’m not even getting into current protectorates or territories: England, France, Spain, Mexico, Russia. Every one of these countries stole their possessions from the original inhabitants: the Indians, the Inuits, and the Polynesians were all here before us and none of the aforementioned conquering nations gave back the land they took.



To take the demand that Israel cede back those lands it won from defending itself against Arab coalition attackers to its ultimate absurdity, then these same people should be calling for the U.S. to cede back all the land it appropriated from Mexico after it won the Mexican-American War in 1848. Goodbye Texas, the Southwest and California. Let’s go further back: the U.S. should cede back all the territory it used to create states after England officially lost the Revolutionary War in 1783. Maybe the Pilgrims had a claim on the Plymouth Rock area in 1620 but everything else was taken or bought from its previous inhabitants or “owners”. So, on that basis, just about this entire country must be ceded back to the American Indians (Native Americans if you want to be p.c.) because the way we acquired their land is no different than how Israel acquired its additional land and our treatment of the American Indians was no better—in fact, far worse—than the Israelis have treated the Palestinians. Let’s see a raise of hands who want to give back all our lands to those who were here first. Thought so.


And for those of you with pitifully-poor memories, look at a map of the Middle East and see which countries surround Israel. Then remember it was the Palestinians who refused to agree to the partitioning of the land in dispute (most of which became Israel) and waged war against Israel to destroy it and take back the land. The Palestinians were and have always been the war aggressors because they would rather fight than negotiate. Israel keeps the Palestinians under tight control because if it didn’t, Hamas would grow into ISIS (the Palestinians have received hundreds of millions of dollars in aid from Qatar, which is now soliciting additional funds from Iran and Turkey. Israel is surrounded on all sides by enemies who want to see it destroyed and the Jews eliminated so that the various Arab states can then wage war over who gets the Israeli lands. This is why the Israelis are so iron-fisted with the Palestinians and this is why Israel will never go back to its pre-1948 borders, let alone 1945. Get real, people, literally.