Mitt To Hit The Fan Again?

Speculation is rife that Mitt Romney might be thinking the third time’s the charm and try to pull a Richard M. Nixon phoenix rising from the political ashes act in 2016. I don’t think so. I’m seeing the Mitt Romney in 2016 Facebook pages, all the media questions but I think the presumed presidential campaign is a smokescreen. Mitt could be floating this 2016 rumor just to gauge how popular he is. He may be delusional, disconnected and arrogant enough to think he could still be elected president OR he might be thinking his political future lies in PICKING the next Republican candidate for president and bringing him across the finish line. Kingmaker Mitt Romney may be looking better to Mitt than President Mitt Romney. He’s hosting a big Republican confab at a fancy, shmancy resort in Park City, UT, and his old 2012 campaign people are telling the media that Mitt is the head honcho who put this thing together himself. He’s bringing together the old and new faces of the GOP—just for unity and to link the GOP past with its future in the minds of voters, you see? The old and new guards together again for the first time.

The thing is, Mitt can’t run for president in 2015 because he will be 69 years old. So what—Ronald Reagan was 69 when he took the oath of office. True, but Hillary Clinton will also be 69 in 2016 and the GOP wall of propaganda machine—Fox “News”—has been feeding its viewers a steady diet of “Hillary will be too old and infirm to be president in 2016″.  Again, never mind that Reagan was 69 and not-so-slowly sinking into the depths of Alzheimer’s and general dementia right there inside the Oval Office walls. C’mon, Nancy brought in a Taro card reader to help determine federal government policy-or was it because Reagan liked to play solitaire with the cards because he couldn’t tell the difference? We’ll never know.

Anyway, if 69-year-old Romney runs for president with 69-year-old Clinton in the race as well, either Fox has to slam Romney’s age or it has to lay off Clinton—those would be the only two options. And Romney, with his group of powerful old and new guard GOP buddies backing him, wouldn’t take kindly to Fox quips about Grandpa Romney and Grandma Clinton walking—literally walking with walkers—neck and neck in the race. So, I think Romney opts for a behind-the-scenes but in-front-of-the-curtain role in 2014 and 2016, leaving Hillary to the age discriminatory Fox wolves. Does it matter to Fox and friends that John McCain turned 72 before the November 2008 presidential election? Nah, not with the short memories of GOP voters. Besides, why else do you think he chose what he thought was a youthful babe to be his running mate? Because to have picked an older-looking man would have made him look older, and I don’t think any of the younger up-and-comers in the GOP wanted anywhere near the ticket headed by an old man with “Loser” already printed on his forehead before the Republican convention.

And regarding the Nixon analogy I brought up earlier? Well, here’s the thing: this isn’t 1968, we’re not deep in the Vietnam War; LBJ is not the president most of the country has grown to hate, and Romney isn’t Nixon allegedly committing treason by secretly negotiating with both the North and South Vietnamese to stay away from the peace talks table and Nixon would make it worth all their mutual whiles after he was elected president. Romney’s got nothing new in his career or in his personality to make GOP voters take a third look at him like they’re seeing him for the first time. His ideas haven’t changed since 2012 and neither has his tortured rhetoric and stiff attempts at humor. What he does see is his Romneycare a national success repackaged as Obamacare, which means he can’t claim neither credit nor glory for being its genesis since the GOP is staking many Congressional and Senate races this year on trying to sell the Affordable Care Act as a boondoggle that needs to be put to a House repeal vote—again.

And what’s Mitt been doing since 2012, anyway? Well, there was that documentary carried exclusively—and solely—by Netflix. You missed it? So did most of America, every chance they got. So, all this leads me to believe that Mitt Romney will not be entering the political ring as a contender, but as a promoter sitting in a ringside seat smoking a stogie and sitting next to his blonde trophy wife wrapped in mink and diamonds, or, next to Ann Romney. But still and all, if Mitt does run in 2016, it won’t be a phoenix flying in the air, but pigs.