Andrew Napolitano’s Attempted Rewrite Of Abraham Lincoln Proves He Is No Lawrence O’Donnell

Ex-Judge, ex-Fox Andrew Napolitano recently made statements about Abraham Lincoln. Have no idea how Andy became a judge or how well he did in law school but the guy apparently either knows nothing about American history or is intentionally misrepresenting it to smear Obama with a smeared Lincoln somehow.
Fox either wants Obama to be a dictator or they accuse him of being a dictator. Well, do you know who the great American dictator was? President Abraham Lincoln. Southern states had already seceded from the Union before he took office and more followed during his first year, the same time the Civil War broke out.
Lincoln and his Secretary of State, the great William Seward, both agreed that the President had inherent powers given to him but not delineated by the Constitution, so he made them up as he went along. He suspended habeas corpus, he shut down Democrat and anti-Union newspapers and held their editors, along with spies and other Confederacy loyalists, in prison for extended periods of time. His Emancipation Proclamation only freed slaves in carefully defined areas–none of them in any Union state (especially the border states) and none in districts in Virginia and Louisiana which were under Union control. He made more people–white and black alike–angry over his proclamation than he pleased.
His Treasury Secretary, Salmon P. Chase, initiated legislation passed by Congress and signed into law in 1862 that established the federal income tax and the IRS to collect it. The law was revised in 1864 which increased the income tax rates. In 1863, Congress with Lincoln’s insistence passed The Conscription Act which was the first forced conscription (draft) law in US History of all able-bodied men into the Union Army–excepting those who could afford to buy their way out of the draft for $300 so that a literally poor man would take his place. Yep, Lincoln exempted the rich (after they paid) and took the poor, just like the draft was carried out during the Vietnam War.
So, the things both Dubya and Obama have been rightfully criticized for were based on precedents set by Abraham Lincoln. If the NSA had been around then, you can bet Lincoln would have had it snooping and storing all communications as it does today.
Why was Lincoln such a “ruthless” dictator? Because he was the first president in US history to have the job of keeping the Union together because he believed that the Constitution didn’t allow states to secede and if they did, the United States would cease to exist. His ONLY goal was to win the Civil War because it was the only way to keep the Union together. Losing was not an option. And he also had to contend with both Great Britain and France attempting to make side deals and trades with the Confederate states. The fact that we still exist as one country, more or less, is a testimony to the greatest president of all time who decided to bend the Constitution in places so it wouldn’t break altogether.
Oh, Lincoln also devised a plan to ship every black person in America off to Central America or to Africa to give them their own country since, at that time, he was convinced that Negroes were humanly inferior to whites, and that the continued presence of freed and captive slaves would only serve to continue to rile up white folks after the North won the Civil War. More moderate and sensible heads like Seward, Chase, and members of Congress as well as Frederick Douglass talked him to his senses. At the end of his live, Lincoln admitted that he had been wrong, that his views of Negroes inferiority were based on his upbringing and the fact that he had never personally met any until after he became President. John F. Kennedy made that same transition to fully supporting black civil rights 100 years later. The blacks who emigrated to what was named Liberia did so voluntarily.
Napolitano is a moron for trying to frame Lincoln as weak on his leadership during the Civil War and that the slaves were bound to be freed anyway. Damn, but ignorant or lying idiots like him make me angry.