The Selling Of The President Kennedy Assassination Cover-Up

On this 50th “anniversary” of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the corporate media in collusion with elements in the federal government continues to perpetuate the “lone assassin” cover-up. Chris Matthews once again displayed why I seldom attach much credibility to him by having Vincent Bugliosi plugging his 2007 book–20 years in the research and writing–attempting to prove all conspiracy theorists are nutjobs. He claims there are about 53 points which prove beyond a shadow of a doubt Oswald did it alone. He rattled off five points with absolutely no proof as to why we should accept them. 3 of the points were: 1. Oswald was the only on the sixth floor of the Texas Book Depository building at the time of the shooting. 2. Oswald shot Officer J.D. Tippit. 3. Oswald pulled a gun on the arresting officer inside that Dallas movie theater. Then Bugliosi cavalierly dismissed all the conspiracy theories by claiming every one of them falls apart and has been proven false. Matthews gets his two cents in by ridiculing Oliver Stone’s “JFK” movie. Neither one of the mention the The United States House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations which found in 1979 there was a 4th gunshot picked up by a Dallas Police motorcycle radio microphone and the assassination was very likely due to a conspiracy.   Nope, we’re supposed to accept that all conspiracy theories are hogwash just because they say so.

I’ve got the Bugliosi book on hold at the local library because I want to read how he attempts to weasel out of the stockpile of debunked Warren Commission evidence and false testimonies as well as all the evidence and witnesses that were overlooked. Also want to see if he explains the “accidental” deaths of all those witnesses and people who were involved that day. And, can he explain why volumes of unreleased Warren Commission and other materials are still locked away in the National Archives until 2020? I think the corporate media is no longer trying to sell this pig slop to people of my generation but instead targeting the younger adults and kids who are most likely willing to ignore the whole thing for the rest of their lives.

What Bugliosi and no one else has explained is why it no other president since JFK has been assassinated by a lone gunman? Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme couldn’t kill Gerald Ford from a few feet away, and John Hinckley, Jr. couldn’t finish the job on Ronald Reagan from roughly the same distance. The truth is it’s freaking impossible for one person to kill a president, or a presidential candidate, or a Nobel-prize winning black civil rights leader all by themselves. The RFK and MLK, Jr. assassinations were never proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that there were the works of lone killers. In fact, plenty of doubts populate both cases.

JFK himself told Jackie a few weeks before he was murdered that if a assassin placed himself in an upper story window to shoot him, nothing could be done about it. I think when he said that he was thinking of a professional hit man, not a Lee Harvey Oswald.

The corporate media can line up every Chris Matthews, Vincent Bugliosi, Tom Brokaw, et al., they want in an attempt to Fox News (perpetuate the lie about) the Kennedy assassination. Their problem is, unlike Fox viewers, 61% know how to think for ourselves and can detect bullshit when it’s shoveled in our faces.