Democrats Won And They’re Still Talking About Entitlement Reform? Really?

While we’re all basking in the glory of yesterday’s victory, here’s something to unbask in the dissipating glory. Steve Israel, head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, was interviewed on NPR this morning and promptly confirmed that entitlements reform will be on the table, specifically Medicare but I’m sure Medicaid and Social Security will find themselves in the pot as well.

Why the hell is it the FIRST thing out of these “Democrats’” mouths is agreement with Republicans on entitlement reform before the negotiations even begin? Oh yes, he’s also talking spending cuts but then added the Democrats would also try to seek new revenue from closing tax loopholes for the rich, and from ending farm and oil subsidies.

Talking about entitlement reforms wouldn’t irk me if only Democrats would stop calling them entitlements but call them what they actually are–earned benefits. Bernie Sanders gets it–why can’t Israel? And John Warner. And Harry Reid. And Barack Obama.

Earned benefits reform is the last thing that should be put on the table, especially after the damage the sequester continues to inflict on low income persons with/without families, and this latest Republican government shutdown debacle. Increase revenue first, then talk spending cuts and reform.


2 thoughts on “Democrats Won And They’re Still Talking About Entitlement Reform? Really?

  1. Terri is cool. says:

    The Democratic party is like that chick you know, she’s really smart, attractive, and has so much to offer. She likes to work with special needs kids, she recycles, and she genuinely cares about her community. BUT, she has the WORST taste in men and is always with some loser who verbally, mentally and sometimes physically abuses her, though she would never admit it. In her twisty logic, she can CHANGE him. He has SO many wonderful qualities, how can she overlook those?
    Well, we all know what happens to that chick, don’t we?
    So, yep the Dems have low self esteem, and they really, REALLY think they can change the Repugs.
    But I know better. So do you.
    Man up, Dem Party. Stop being such pussies. Say what you’re gonna do and JUST DO IT. It seem to work out like gangbusters when the CheneyBushCorp did just that. Take a note.

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