They Call Me The Seer

I can see what no other person sees. I can see the future crystal clear and in high-def. I see older and younger low-income, uninsured people and families being dragged into the new Affordable Care Act healthcare insurance exchanges during the Openbamacare season 10/1/2013 to 3/31/2014—almost 30 million of them. Low income people and families seem to need more medical care than most others, and I can see them get their monthly premium quotes which are…surprisingly affordable. I see them getting health care and those who receive bills find them…surprisingly affordable. They learn there are no lifetime caps, no pre-existing condition exclusions and they seem…surprisingly happy. The Medicare recipients have a Part D donut hole that is no longer larger enough for them to jump through. They are surprisingly happy, too.

I just had a vision that clouds that first one: the Republicans can clearly see what I see. That is why they are scrambling to de-fund the ACA. Will they be successful? I don’t see it…