Current TV Is Now Passé

These days I’m less miffed at Al Gore for selling Current TV. Truth is, I barely watch the channel anymore. I turned on Stephanie Miller yesterday and she was in full self-admitted Obama apologist mode, taking on a caller who was saying Obama should withdraw our troops from Afghanistan before the end of 2014 because soldiers and civilians continue to die there. Miller’s response?  He campaigned on withdrawing the troops at the end of 2014, as if, duh, why should he speed things up if he didn’t have to? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

The caller also made the point that no bankster has gone to prison under Obama’s watch. Miller admitted that was true. She even acknowledged that while Sen. Elizabeth Warren is advocating charges be brought against the banksters, she doesn’t work for the DOJ.  I was surprised Miller gave the caller THAT much. I heard on NPR about a woman who retired at 59 to work on a research project that was important to her. The banksters stole her $100,000 retirement fund and now, at 67, she had to go back to work and will work for the rest of her life. I am positive that stories like that don’t shake Miller’s faith in and advocacy for Obama in the slightest, because Miller has her career and retirement in fine shape, thank you very much.

As for the other Current TV hosts, I love Jennifer Granholm, Cenk Uygur, and John Fugelsang but in the evenings, it’s all food shows and Hotel Impossible (THE best makeover show on TV and the only one that is not phony.  Anthony Melchiorri is head and shoulders above all the other guys.) all the time in our house.  All politics all the time just gets both frustrating and infuriating since there isn’t much any of us can do until the next election cycle–hopefully. Joy Behar’s show is too much fluff–the British do celebrity interviews funnier and better.

Sometimes I’ll turn on MSNBC but typically, the hosts have their regular cast of contributers who appear on all shows, making pundit comments about stuff I already figured out (“The Republicans just want to make Obama look bad.” “The GOP think Marco Rubio will be their big star in 2016.”) So then I turn the channel off again. At least with food shows, you learn something new, unless you’re watching the same episodes of “Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives” and “Chopped” for the billionth time.


The Callousness Of The Texas Center for Defense of Life And Its Lawyers

Let’s be clear about this: it is not the pregnant sixteen-year-old who is alleging her parents are coercing her into having a baby, it’s the Texas Center for Defense of Life.  And neither the Texas Center for Defense of Life nor its lawyers give one whit about this pregnant sixteen-year-old girl or her unborn, nor do they care abou the physical and emotional trauma she’ll undergo during childbirth. They don’t give a damn about the ridicule and comments a pregnant sixteen-year-old girl has to endure from the other students at her school.  They’re only concerned with their Cause, which is absolute control over the female body.  And like all phonies who pretend to hold unborn life sacred, after the baby is born to a sixteen-year-old girl and her parents are saddled with the costs of feeding it, clothing it, daycare, healthcare, and schooling, the Texas Center for Defense of Life and its lawyers and its legal fund will be long gone.

I bet you these same “religious” Right Republicans are the same people fighting to get Obamacare and welfare laws repealed so that poor people and people in general who can’t afford healthcare or to feed another mouth are stuck with expenses they can’t afford while the Texas Center for Defense of Life and its lawyers pat themselves on the back for saving another unborn “life” while throwing into turmoil the lives of the living.

The audacity, the callousness of these so-called “religious” right folks that they will take a child to court to have a judge force her to give birth to a child she is emotionally and psychologically unfit to care for a baby, let alone raise it.  A judgment mandating the baby be born would mean the pregnant teen’s parents will be forced to raise another child they had never planned for.

There might be some individuals who are members of the Texas Center for Defense of Life and its legal team who belive in their misguided and evil cause.  But for the majority, it’s all about money and power. Those Right To Life centers whose soul purpose is to rob other living humans of THEIR rights collect a lot of money in contributions, and lots of money buys lots of power when giving to politicians who owe their elections to lots of money from Right To Life centers and legal teams.  Defending unborns is just a means to an end, which is the same reason why the NRA is fighting mandatory background checks for all retail gun purchases. For Right To Lifers, the more they fight abortions, the more money they make.  For the NRA, the more they enable people to kill other people, the more money they make.

That’s what makes the Right Wing so strange:  One sect tries to ensure babies get born while another sect tries to ensure these babies are shot to death as soon as they reach school age.