Hillary Clinton Kicks Some Pipsquawk Republican Ass

I’m no Hillary Clinton fan, but Chris Matthews aptly described her today at the Senate hearing as Gulliver surrounded by Republican Lilliputians trying to bring her down. The three main “pipsquawks” were John McCain, Ron Johnson, and Rand Paul.

McCain continues to be delusional if he still pictures himself as having any political influence when the reality is he’s an old man desperately trying to hang onto fame before he is either voted out or retires come 2016. His “joke” about waterboarding John Kerry leads me to believe that McCain has lied all these years about being tortured as a POW himself. He might have asked his captors to break his arms after spilling his guts to make him look good.

Hillary withered Ron Johnson as she put him in his place with her defiant answer after his publicity-seeking questions that were utterly simplistic. She in essence told him that if he had read both the public and classified ARB reports, he would know what he was talking about. He’s still probably so withered he put in a call to Rush Limbaugh asking him to ship over a carton of Viagra.

As for Rand Paul, who pontificated about what he would have done had he been president when Benghazi was hit, Hillary just looked at him without comment. Her look was the visual equivalent of Michelle Obama’s eyeroll at John Boehner.

I still wouldn’t vote for her, but I definitely like the Hillary Clinton I saw today. I hope President Obama follows her example in dealing the Congressional Republiputians.