It’s The Voter Suppression And Election Fraud, Stupid!

So, the three Presidential debates are over and all the corporate media focus is on who won, who lost, and what the daily national poll numbers are.  This election will not be decided over which debater scored two out of three falls, and it won’t be decided by who’s ahead in national polling on November 5.  It will be won by whoever has the most electoral college votes on November 6 after the election polls are closed—and the Republicans have perfected the art of fixing votes in a way that will remain unquestioned by the corporate media and the Democratic Party.  Who primarily continues to bang the drum loudly over this? Greg Palast, an American reporter exiled to the BBC and two British newspapers (although his reports also appear in The Nation, Rolling Stone and Harper’s magazines), and Brad Friedman of  Besides them, you can count the TV and radio political show hosts talking about this on one hand, mainly when they have Greg or Brad as guests on the show.

Republican secretaries of state control the registered voter databases and/or the allotment of  custom-programmed voting machines in Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Texas, and other states where Karl Rove, the Kochs and company need to disappear and otherwise wipe out or prevent Democratic votes.  Tagg Romney’s part ownership of a company that supplies voting machines for a county in Ohio is worrisome but I don’t see any legal authorities doing anything about it.   For an in-depth look at how an election can be stolen in nine easy steps, read Palast’s “Billionaires & Ballot Bandits”.

Mark my words, if Obama does lose, the corporate media will once again fall back on the lie they put out in 2000, 2004, and 2010: more Republicans and Independents voted than Democrats.  The fate of our country and the world rests on all Democrats not allowing this to happen again this year.  The only way to effect real political change in this country, with transparency and an open-air, exclusively paper ballot voting system, is to make sure Obama and the Democrats re-take the White House and Congress this year.  After that happens, we can hold their feet to the fire to try to force them to finally take the corruption out of U.S. politics. There are very few clean hands in all three branches of the federal government.  It’s time we either gave them lye soap or vote in a whole new group of hands.


6 thoughts on “It’s The Voter Suppression And Election Fraud, Stupid!

  1. Any chance you’ll address the problem in Maricopa Ct, Ariz, where 2 Spanish-language voter information publications list the wrong date – Nov 8 – for the election?

    • farlefty says:

      I heard about this on the radio yesterday. However, I kept this post fairly short and general in nature to report the Republican voter suppression and election fraud procedures that have been rolled out nationwide. I would suggest you find an article you can link to on this subject and crosspost the heck out of it on Facebook. I have a group called Liberals Taking Our Country Back you’re more than welcome to join. Did you also post this on your own blog, Nan?

  2. baddd says:

    I have been terribly worried about this. I am not concerned at all about Obama winning, he has the votes. My worry all along has been Rove. In the Kerry-Bush election, when it came to Ohio, I was working at the polls here in Maine. We had the tv on at the end of the night. Seeing the long long lines in Ohio and hearing that Bush “won” did not make sense. People were not in long lines wanting Bush. That sort of passion, when that particular president was in office, was NOT to retain. Everyone was cognizant of the Diebold machines, too. So, I am very worried.

    • farlefty says:

      If you read enough Greg Palast, you have every right to be VERY worried. Somehow, we all have to unite to take back our country along with our votes. Vote for Democrats this time around and for 2014, we look at our other unifying and viable options.

  3. JoAnn Kirk says:

    Seems like I am reading a news item from a country like Russia or Iran. I feel really violated over this terrible thing.

    • farlefty says:

      This is neither a Democratic or a Republican voter thiing. This is an AMERICAN voter issue. We all stand to lose if we continue to stand by and allow two feuding groups of billionaires duke it over whose voters to purge. It’s time for a real 3rd Party financially unconnected to either group.

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