The Sound Of One Man Lying

There were no winners in the debate last night although the corporate media surely loves and needs to announce one—or two.  So, Romney came out of his corner swinging, and if you listen to just the audio, he seems passionate and believable. Obama was laid back and low energy. You don’t win debates on presentation and speaking style. Romney’s phony sincerity is belied by all the lies he be telling last night. Even NPR debunked all the lies they could get to within a 2 minute segment. The only people Romney would have retained or won are the uneducated morons who already believe his lies or morons who never do any independent reading, listening or viewing so they were hearing his lies for the first time and were never going to vote for the Kenyan Muslim anyway.  Mitt Romney answers the age old question: What is the sound of one man lying?

It’s like a talking point today that Obama was in effect jabbing and feeling his opponent out to learn his moves to use later on in the bout. In this case the talking point may be true. Possibly the reason he kept looking down at his notes was to bite his tongue because his management team advised him to hold back, stay within himself, and to let Romney talk. It’s possible the 47% speech, Bain Capital, the withheld tax returns, more Obama/Romneycare comparisons and what will happen to people and families if it’s repealed, the true cost of Romney’s intended policies, and the imaginary math that Romney’s budget and tax policies are built on may be mentioned by Obama in the next debate. Romney’s sole assurance that tax cuts and all will work is because it will create more jobs as the free market takes care of itself and the economy. Bush and Reagan disproved that theory but the uneducated voter always forgets. I’m sure Biden will attack Ryan directly on the budget built on a deck of jokers. Obama let himself be punched last night. We’ll soon see if he brings out the rope-a-dope in the next debate.