There Is News, And There Is NPR News

In NPR News world, everything is either “fair and balanced” or simplistic. Today, they and Mike Cannon from the “libertarian” (NPR’s description) Cato Institute were saying:

“The question is, does the health care industry need a federal law to make these changes continue? Many say no.

‘All the innovations that Obamacare is trying to impose in a top-down sort of way already exist in the marketplace,’ says Michael Cannon of the libertarian Cato Institute.

“Cannon, like Romney, says real cost control can come only from the private sector.

“’Giving patients the money is going to encourage them to be more cost-conscious consumers and force prices down in a way that government has proven itself unable to do.’

“The problem is, no one knows which (Obamacare or repealing it) would work better because neither has really been tried. So the choice is to let the new law continue to play out, or repeal it and see whether Congress can pass something else. That is, if it doesn’t take Congress another generation to reach another compromise.”

All of that is pure b.s. of course, including the false equivalency between Democrats and Republicans canard.  Would anybody like to share what their monthly health insurance premiums and out of pocket costs were pre-ACA? Would you further like to share–if you or a family member have a serious and chronic illness or condition–what your out-of-pocket costs have been after you reached your annual or lifetime insurance coverage payments cap–which is not extinct under Obamacare?  Notice how NPR again takes the easy and simplistic way out by blaming ALL of Congress for taking so long to compromise?

The second instance of NPR simplicity of reporting on the fallacy of energy independence:

“Energy independence does not mean cheaper gasoline. It doesn’t even mean that prices are more stable. Gas prices in Canada went up this summer just like they did in the United States.  Prices in Canada are sensitive to conflict in the Middle East, or increased demand from China. There is a global market for oil. That means there is basically one price, whether you are a net exporter (Canada) or the world’s biggest importer (the U.S.).”

The fact is the global price of oil is fixed by Big Oil with the assistance of oil speculators. Don’t believe me?

The difference being I don’t claim “petrol” prices MIGHT have fixed; I assure you, the fix is in. But NPR likes to keep things nice and simple and “no one’s to blame”, cherry picking oil-industry connected experts to prove it. FAIR just happened to report on this same story this morning:

What scares me is that I am on the same side of an issue as the Republicans: I am not happy that NPR (and PBS for that matter) uses my own federal tax dollars to propagandize me. I say end federal funding of public broadcasting and let them propagandize using donations from members like you.


It’s The Voter Suppression And Election Fraud, Stupid!

So, the three Presidential debates are over and all the corporate media focus is on who won, who lost, and what the daily national poll numbers are.  This election will not be decided over which debater scored two out of three falls, and it won’t be decided by who’s ahead in national polling on November 5.  It will be won by whoever has the most electoral college votes on November 6 after the election polls are closed—and the Republicans have perfected the art of fixing votes in a way that will remain unquestioned by the corporate media and the Democratic Party.  Who primarily continues to bang the drum loudly over this? Greg Palast, an American reporter exiled to the BBC and two British newspapers (although his reports also appear in The Nation, Rolling Stone and Harper’s magazines), and Brad Friedman of  Besides them, you can count the TV and radio political show hosts talking about this on one hand, mainly when they have Greg or Brad as guests on the show.

Republican secretaries of state control the registered voter databases and/or the allotment of  custom-programmed voting machines in Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Texas, and other states where Karl Rove, the Kochs and company need to disappear and otherwise wipe out or prevent Democratic votes.  Tagg Romney’s part ownership of a company that supplies voting machines for a county in Ohio is worrisome but I don’t see any legal authorities doing anything about it.   For an in-depth look at how an election can be stolen in nine easy steps, read Palast’s “Billionaires & Ballot Bandits”.

Mark my words, if Obama does lose, the corporate media will once again fall back on the lie they put out in 2000, 2004, and 2010: more Republicans and Independents voted than Democrats.  The fate of our country and the world rests on all Democrats not allowing this to happen again this year.  The only way to effect real political change in this country, with transparency and an open-air, exclusively paper ballot voting system, is to make sure Obama and the Democrats re-take the White House and Congress this year.  After that happens, we can hold their feet to the fire to try to force them to finally take the corruption out of U.S. politics. There are very few clean hands in all three branches of the federal government.  It’s time we either gave them lye soap or vote in a whole new group of hands.

Mitt Romney: The Would-Be Entitlement President

I truly believe there are sociopathic families among the very rich; the Bushes and the Romneys being two prime examples.  The children of these über rich are raised in rarified air. They are raised with the sense of entitlement, and not the twisted around version that the Republicans use against the middle and poorer classes.  These families feel they are entitled to special treatment in life; perks and advantages that are denied to everyone below their economic summit and therefore unworthy of any comforts in life or consideration as living, human beings.  If corporations are people, the poor are just “the poor”.

George W. came into the White House wanting revenge on Saddam Hussein; I don’t think he much cared about anything else beyond that, except the being famous and being the nominal head of the most powerful country on earth perks.  I am positive he was told by Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz to just bide his time and they would tell him what to do and when.  Bush may have been ignoring all the intelligence reports about al-Qaeda planning a domestic attack and Muslims learning to fly but not how to land planes, but I assure you the Unholy Triumvirate were following those reports very, very closely.

When Bush was given the go sign, he had no trouble ordering tens of thousands of Americans to their dismemberment and death because he was and still is unable to relate to people less wealthy than he is. He is incapable of empathy.  Perhaps having your mother force you to look at your dead newborn sister who is stuffed inside a jar would have a similar effect on you.

But Mitt Romney was never forced to stare upon a pickled dead sibling in a jar.  Instead, he was raised a wealthy Mormon which comes complete with all sorts of entitlements. He was raised to believe to his soul he was entitled to special treatment and to more of everything than other people had, even if it was stolen from them.  That’s why he had no compunction against having a gay schoolmate pinned to the floor while he lopped off hunks of the kid’s hair.  That’s why he thought it was great fun to pretend to be a cop and pull kids over to the side of the road, or direct a nearly-blind teacher directly into a glass door.

And it’s why he relished buying and dismantling whole companies, harvesting the profits as he closed the businesses down or spun them off in pieces to new owners overseas, all the while stealing away the jobs of hundreds of thousands of people and destroying their lives forever.

Romney also delighted in hiring accountants who could create tax and investment schemes that would enable him to legally and illegally avoid paying his fair share of taxes, while criticizing all people less wealthy than him who, sometime due directly to his company,  Bain Capital, no longer had enough in income to pay taxes.  He downright vilified all people who were forced to apply for and receive welfare as being lazy and irresponsible, people who saw themselves as victims.  He would make public statements all the while taking as much as he could with his own corporate welfare entitlements.  He felt he was entitled to this welfare because of the small fortune he and his fellow wealthy sociopaths had paid out to by people in Congress, the White House, and the courts (on up to the Supreme Court) would put and keep in place laws that made most of what they did perfectly legal.

Mitt Romney told at least 27 lies in the first debate with President Obama, and he knows they were lies.  Lying comes easy when you don’t care what happens to the people who believe the lies.  It’s THEIR fault for believing them in the first place, right?

George W. Bush had the presidency handed to him—twice.  It may have been something he never sought because it was out of reach for someone with his mediocre grades and questionable military service.  Romney, on the other hand, believes that he is entitled to anything and everything he wants in life.  This means that if he is ever elected to the White House, he would be the Entitlement President.

The Sound Of One Man Lying

There were no winners in the debate last night although the corporate media surely loves and needs to announce one—or two.  So, Romney came out of his corner swinging, and if you listen to just the audio, he seems passionate and believable. Obama was laid back and low energy. You don’t win debates on presentation and speaking style. Romney’s phony sincerity is belied by all the lies he be telling last night. Even NPR debunked all the lies they could get to within a 2 minute segment. The only people Romney would have retained or won are the uneducated morons who already believe his lies or morons who never do any independent reading, listening or viewing so they were hearing his lies for the first time and were never going to vote for the Kenyan Muslim anyway.  Mitt Romney answers the age old question: What is the sound of one man lying?

It’s like a talking point today that Obama was in effect jabbing and feeling his opponent out to learn his moves to use later on in the bout. In this case the talking point may be true. Possibly the reason he kept looking down at his notes was to bite his tongue because his management team advised him to hold back, stay within himself, and to let Romney talk. It’s possible the 47% speech, Bain Capital, the withheld tax returns, more Obama/Romneycare comparisons and what will happen to people and families if it’s repealed, the true cost of Romney’s intended policies, and the imaginary math that Romney’s budget and tax policies are built on may be mentioned by Obama in the next debate. Romney’s sole assurance that tax cuts and all will work is because it will create more jobs as the free market takes care of itself and the economy. Bush and Reagan disproved that theory but the uneducated voter always forgets. I’m sure Biden will attack Ryan directly on the budget built on a deck of jokers. Obama let himself be punched last night. We’ll soon see if he brings out the rope-a-dope in the next debate.