The Dark Knight Rises While Rush Limbaugh Falls And Can’t Get Up

I’ve heard just enough about Rush Limbaugh’s review of “The Dark Knight Rises” to know that he was correct in one sense but always his viewpoint falls short and can’t get up again.  I’ll give you the real and factual information on the movie.

Yes, the main villain is Bane, and yes, in the sub-sub plot Bane (aka Bain Capital to Limbaugh) manipulates the You People into a rebellion against the Me-My Generation  to achieve his own personal goal of total destruction of the city.  All possessions and riches belonging to the Me-My Generation—including their rich abodes– are confiscated and redistributed, and the richest and most evil of the M-M Gen are executed, along with many not so richest and most evil.

So, indeed Christopher Nolan does endow the movie with a populist slant and I must admit it was cathartic as I watched the 1% dragged away and having justice meted out by a whacko in a black robe, who was a dead ringer for a young and extremely good-looking Antonin Scalia.

But where Limbaugh suffers his critical disconnect is claiming that Nolan intended film to be a roman à clef about Romney and Bain Capital representing the 1% pillaging the 99%. In the film, as I just wrote, Bane is leading the 99% in his self-generated revolution.  For Limbaugh to be accurate and factually correct, ok, well he never is but if he WAS, it would be the M-M Gen snatching everything from the You People and putting THEM to death.

I won’t give away how it all ends, except the supposed trilogy finale ends with a cliff hanger as to whether or not Bane will show his tax returns to Batman.  Tune in next sequel : same Bat time…well, you know the rest.