What It Means To Be A Republican: The Short List

What it means to be a Republican:  What it means is that you work to keep unemployment over 8% to unseat the first Black president of the United States. What it means is that you belong to the party which shipped American jobs overseas throwing American workers out of work.

What it means is that after you lost these people these jobs you not only made sure they couldn’t easily find new ones, you also cut (with the able assist of the Democrats and President Obama their federal unemployment benefits from 99 weeks to 63 or 73 weeks depending on the state.

What is means is that you fight to retain a work requirement for welfare recipients at a time you are steadfastly working to prevent new jobs from being created so that many welfare recipients can’t possibly meet the work requirement and are then taken off of welfare.

What it means is that after you lose people their jobs and their unemployment you also take their medical insurance away by trying to abolish the Affordable Care Act and take their Medicaid away by refusing federal funds to add coverage for adults and children who don’t have any.

What it means is that you vilify people on Food Stamps as “freeloaders”, “gaming the system”, “accepting free handouts” when without Food Stamps, these people couldn’t afford to buy food since they no longer have jobs, unemployment benefits, or welfare.

What it means is that you take tax deductions and tax credits not allowed to people with lesser income who are in essence subsidizing your tax breaks and paying a higher percentage of their income in taxes than you are.

What it means is that you’re far more interested in telling women what they can’t do with their bodies, and same sex couples what they can’t do with their relationships.

What it means is that it’s all about you and your control over anyone you perceive as weaker than you.

What it means is that you simultaneously live in fear while instilling it in others.

What it means is that you tell lies you think you can get away with and hide the truth that you hope will not give you away.

What it means to be a Republican is to wrap yourself in God and religion when in reality you will never find a needle with an eye large enough to let you into heaven.


Julian Assange and Servant Sovereign Nations

So, the Brits are threatening to storm the Ecuadorian embassy in London to arrest Julian Assange and extradite him to Sweden for a supposed sex crime.

The entire world knows that Assange would be extradited to Sweden by way of a US federal prison.  He could even become a bunkmate of Bradley Manning’s.  We must not forget that Manning is getting still getting the treatment that the US wants to inflict on Assange.

Who does Great Britain think it is—Margaret Thatcher invading the Falkland Islands? Ronald Reagan storming Grenada? George H.W. Bush storming Panama? George W. Bush and Dick Cheney invading Iraq?  Does the term “sovereign nation” only apply to the nations who feel they’re more sovereign than the smaller, weaker sovereign nations? Are the Brits pissed at Ecuador because they don’t have dictator friendly to powerful global interests in power to do their bidding?

Julian Assange’s only crime is that he released top secret documents that embarrassed the US and Great Britain. Don’t know why Sweden is doing the bidding of the US in this sordid affair, maybe it owns the US money, which the Obama administration is willing to write off in return for the capture and extradition.  Sometimes sovereign nations are the servant nations of larger sovereign nations.

So for those who keep insisting that Barack Obama is a decent man and a socialist liberal, how do you square this with the continued imprisonment of Bradley Manning—who was held in solitary confinement from July 2010 to February 2012 when he finally got to see the inside of a courtroom to be formally arraigned? His trial is scheduled to begin next month. Does this treatment sound like one that was authorized by a president who is a Constitutional scholar and told Constitutional law who should know a thing or two about the Bill of Rights, especially the 5th and 14th Amendments.

Assange, not being an American citizen, would not be covered by the Bill of Rights, especially if he’s designated an enemy combatant or a spy by a military tribunal or the DOJ.

If the Brits are allowed to go after Assange, then next they go after Greg Palast, or just your average whistleblower, and then the US follows suit and then the teabaggers would be correct in portraying the current administration as a dictatorship—but with George W. Bush not being the dictator.

If the major sovereign governments of the world insist on lying to their citizens about policies that have destroyed lesser sovereign governments and resulted in the deaths of millions of civilians and hundreds of thousands of those in the military and are caught doing it by the release of papers proving their deadly deception, then those in the governments responsible for the cover-ups should be removed from power and put on trial, but only after serving at least two years in a small cell in solitary confinement.

Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand: Hypocrisy By Any Other Name

Paul Ryan professes to admire Ayn Rand despite the fact he knows nothing about her.  Let’s compare Ryan’s philosophies with Rand’s.

Paul Ryan is supposed to be a devout Catholic.  Ayn Rand was a confirmed atheist despite being born Jewish.  Since Ryan is a Catholic, he knows adultery is condemned in the Bible as a mortal sin and is also prohibited by the Ten Commandments.  Ayn Ryan was an open adulterer, carrying on at least one affair with a student working with her and her husband.

Ayn Rand believed that people should not elect anyone to anything.  Paul Ryan ran for Congress in 1998 and has been re-elected every two years since then.  He is now running for Vice-President.  Why would he be earning a paycheck from the very government Ayn Rand deemed unnecessary?

Ayn Rand believed in a laissez faire system of government regarding business.  Paul Ryan voted for both TARP and the auto bailout.  He voted against the stimulus yet got stimulus funds from Obama’s Secretary of Energy for local businesses and homeowners in his state.  Ayn Rand was totally opposed to the type of government handout.

Ayn Rand opposed all government handouts like unemployment and Social Security.  In 1976, she signed up for and started receiving Social Security and Medicare.  Paul Ryan was raised in a wealthy, influential family but he still collected Social Security survivor benefits after his father died.

So every benefit Ryan and Rand received from our government they would deny you.  Ryan’s plan to privatize Social Security would not give the poor, aged, and disabled what he got—not even close.  What was good for Ryan and Rand is not good for you.  This is called both elitism and hypocrisy.

Now to get away from Ryan’s Rand-connected hypocrisy and focus on that which is solely his own.  He’s a self-styled deficit hawk yet…he voted for both the Iraq and Afghanistan invasions which George W. Bush kept off the books for his entire presidency.  Why do you think the budget deficit Bush handed over to Obama was so high? Pure borrowing and spending.

Ryan voted for Medicare Part D which forbids the federal government from negotiating drug prices with the major pharmaceutical companies. The government has to pay whatever the companies say it has to pay which means the government is spending more than it should be, thanks to Ryan and the Republicans.

Ryan plans to eliminate Pell Grants for 1 million students in order to pay for $40 million in big oil subsidies because he owns stakes in companies that would benefit from these tax subsidies:


This is what makes him such a great match for Mitt Romney.  Both believe in entitlements for the rich which are to be denied the poor and middle class.  Imagine those two sitting at a table, clinking glasses of champagne together and gleefully saying “The poor are not like you and me.”  Nope, to these two, the rich are rich and the poor are poor and never the twain shall meet.  Never.

The Dark Knight Rises While Rush Limbaugh Falls And Can’t Get Up

I’ve heard just enough about Rush Limbaugh’s review of “The Dark Knight Rises” to know that he was correct in one sense but always his viewpoint falls short and can’t get up again.  I’ll give you the real and factual information on the movie.

Yes, the main villain is Bane, and yes, in the sub-sub plot Bane (aka Bain Capital to Limbaugh) manipulates the You People into a rebellion against the Me-My Generation  to achieve his own personal goal of total destruction of the city.  All possessions and riches belonging to the Me-My Generation—including their rich abodes– are confiscated and redistributed, and the richest and most evil of the M-M Gen are executed, along with many not so richest and most evil.

So, indeed Christopher Nolan does endow the movie with a populist slant and I must admit it was cathartic as I watched the 1% dragged away and having justice meted out by a whacko in a black robe, who was a dead ringer for a young and extremely good-looking Antonin Scalia.

But where Limbaugh suffers his critical disconnect is claiming that Nolan intended film to be a roman à clef about Romney and Bain Capital representing the 1% pillaging the 99%. In the film, as I just wrote, Bane is leading the 99% in his self-generated revolution.  For Limbaugh to be accurate and factually correct, ok, well he never is but if he WAS, it would be the M-M Gen snatching everything from the You People and putting THEM to death.

I won’t give away how it all ends, except the supposed trilogy finale ends with a cliff hanger as to whether or not Bane will show his tax returns to Batman.  Tune in next sequel : same Bat time…well, you know the rest.

Me Vs.You People

The 60’s left people worn out.  They’d given everything they had at the office and their activists pockets were bare.  After having been beaten and tear gassed and even shot to death by the authorities for  exercising their right to protest, people were dazed and confused as to what it had all been about.

The 70’s marked a time of spiritual awakening and the search for inner peace.  After spending a decade trying to help others, they stopped to ask, who will help Me?  But before that question could be answered they realized that they really didn’t know who “Me” was.  This gave birth to the Me Generation who decided to find out who Me was by setting out on different exploratory missions. The first mission was religious and that’s when they discovered Jesus.

Jesus became a huge commercial success and his songs were played all over the radio and his rock opera became a classic of his time.  But Jesus demanded that you reach out to him and for people with short arms that just didn’t work so they looked inward and then someone who had re-named himself Werner Erhard stole a Buddhist concept from Alan Watts and re-packaged and marketed it as an expensive  weekend seminar  called est.  Thus, another mission was launched.

But it was still costing people money to attain personal awareness and for many people it was a one-way transaction; they were paying big bucks for the opportunity to be deprived of bathroom, eating, drinking, and sleeping rights and many of them would think during the weekend “Ok, Erhard is making a good living off of my discomfort but what’s in it for me?”  The light bulb appearing over their heads changed the world.

What’s in it for me? That single question then was re-framed as “What makes me happy?” And the answer was…money. Lots and lots of money.  Enter the 1980’s.

People who had pursued Jesus and then personal awareness were now pursuing law degrees and MBAs.  They started working at high-paying jobs and quickly found out that it wasn’t heroin or morphine nicotine or coke or alcohol that was the most addicting substance in the world: it was money. Lots and lots of money. Too much money was still not enough.  If they felt guilt over how rich they were becoming, it was all absolved by an old man with prematurely-orange hair they had installed in the White House who kept pointing to the morning sun and telling them don’t worry about how much money you’re making—we’ll make more and besides, we’re all in this together.

But there was only so much money the federal government could make and people demanded more and more. So they looked around for other sources and saw that middle class people had more money than they knew what to do with, and they saw poor people who shouldn’t have any use for money in the first place.  So, setting out on a new mission under the a flag upon which the words “Greed is good. Greed works” was written they set out to find their Me in other people’s money, turning it all into THEIR money.

It has been 30 years since the inception of that last mission, which is active still today.  And what’s more, those people have raised children to take on the mission with them.  The Me Generation has evolved into the Me-My Generation because the two words are never far apart from each other.  How dare Obama and the Democrats raise MY taxes when it doesn’t benefit ME?”  “Why can’t I run MY business any way I want to that’s best for ME?”  But some in the lower echelon in the Me-My Generation decided they needed an official name and began to call themselves “The Tea Party”, which quickly was subverted by the higher echelon who then decided they needed to take stricter control of the money drug, doling out just enough to the lower echelon to keep them both addicted and willing to support their pusher in all things just to keep the money drug supply flowing.

Then the term “those people” was added to the mix: “Why should I have to share MY wealth with THOSE PEOPLE? What’s in it for ME?”  Those people weren’t too please with being referred to as “those people” and chose their own name for themselves: “The Other 99%”.

And that’s where we are today, except “those people” has further evolved into “you people”: “We’ve given all YOU PEOPLE need to know.” There is a war out there, and it isn’t THEY vs. WE as writer Greg Palast contends, it’s ME vs. YOU PEOPLE.  The Mes see themselves besieged inside their walled estates by the masses of the 99% who want a piece of what they stole fair and square. But the Mes are quick to point out that it was all done legally—just take a look at the laws; laws that were bought and paid for by the Mes courtesy of their paid employees in Congress and the White House and the U.S. Supreme Court.  But a lot of what was taken was illegally gotten, otherwise, why the need for hidden offshore bank accounts in expensive and exotic vacation resort locations?

The MEs are already experience the cold sweats, body cramping and tremors of going through withdrawal just from the thought of losing some of their money drug supply.  The YOU PEOPLE just want their fair share of the money drug and why not? A sufficient dose is not addicting and does make the body feel good.  It’s only from decades, even centuries of overdosing that the uncontrollable need for too much sets in.

The election this year comes down to who wins a major battle in the war between ME vs. YOU PEOPLE.  If the Mes win, the YOU PEOPLE will only be allotted enough of the money drug to keep them numb enough to perform slave labor.  If the YOU PEOPLE win, more of the drug money becomes available since they get a piece of the action. The war will rage on regardless because the Mes can’t stand the pain losing it would bring, while the YOU PEOPLE will fight until their pain stops for good.

Everything The So-Called Tea Party Thinks It Knows Is Wrong

The so-called tea partiers love to say Obama is a failed president, using the one mind and one voice they all share. They claim he doesn’t know anything about how our country works or how our economy works, but they never really say specifically what proof they have that he doesn’t know how either works.

Being a Constitutional scholar and editor of the Harvard Law Review and all, I’d say Obama knows more about our country than all these so-called tea partiers with their one mind and voice—put together.  So that lays that assertion to rest.

But what about the economy? A trickier issue to address—but let’s go ahead anyway.  Yes, unemployment at a fictional 8.3% is high, but Obama for the most part has no control over it.  You see, over a year ago he sent a comprehensive jobs bill to John Boehner, the Speaker of the House.  And what action has Boehner taken on it in over a year? Nothing. Zilch.  Or he might have taken the action of stuffing it in a lower desk drawer and locking it up, or he may have round filed it.  Accidents sometimes happen.  Boehner preferred the Republican jobs plan to Obama which is…well, we don’t really know what it is because it’s never been put down in writing.  It’s more of an oral tradition type of thing, where the lore of this Republican jobs bill is handed down from the elders to the so-called tea party Congress members who refuse to consider it anyway. So it’s more of an idea than an actual bill.  But based on the research by independent economists, the Republicans’ job idea would do little, if nothing, to create any jobs.  As for the jobs plan of their supposed presidential nominee Mitt Romney, well, we don’t know? He’s all about creating jobs but has yet to specify how he would do it. For a possible clue, see the Republican economic idea a few paragraphs below.


But since this is a story reported by that lefty digital rag The Huffington Post, so-called tea partiers will poo poo it as partisan, even though non-partisan economists all agreed on the results.  The Obama plan could put a million unemployed people back to work, which isn’t nearly enough, but it’s more than the Republicans would do.

As for the economy, the Dow closed at 13,168.60 today.  The NASDAQ closed at 3015.86, and the S&P closed at 1401.35. On January 20, 2009, the day Obama was sworn into office, the Dow closed at 7949.09; the NASDAQ at 1440.86, and the S&P at 805.23—all three indexes had fallen sharply from the day before. So, looking at today’s numbers, for those in the so-called tea party who are math-challenged, the higher numbers indicate that the stock market averages are almost twice as high (more than twice with the NASDAQ).  This would indicate a far stronger stock market than the day Obama took office, which means the money guys who decide and control these things think that Obama’s doing a pretty good job, considering that he’s doing it all alone and despite the obstruction of the Congressional Republicans.

As far as the Republican economic idea? Again—nothing in writing. And again, their supposed presidential nominee Romney has not detailed any specifics for his economic ideas.  But give it to the Republicans and their oral tradition where they have to keep concepts simple to avoid a game of Telephone when handing their lore down from one generation to another.

The Republican economic/jobs creation idea has two simple components:  1. No taxes on the rich and corporations.  2. No regulations on business.

That’s it. Simple to remember and to pass on to the young so-called tea partiers. Except how do no taxes on the rich and corporations and no regulations on business create jobs? The Republicans and Mitt Romney will get back to us on that one AFTER the presidential election—trust them.

So, we’ve got a sitting president who’s a constitutional scholar AND has a jobs plan and a fairly good economy seeing as how he’s done it all himself.  Not saying I agree with all of Obama’s economic policies, but they’re nothing that another massive stimulus and jobs plan wouldn’t fix.

When you look logically at the Republicans’ economic/jobs idea logic doesn’t look back at you in return. If you lower or eliminate taxes on the rich and corporations, how do you replace all that lost revenue? You can’t because the middle class only have so much they can give from their mainly minimum wage jobs and unemployment benefits.  George W. Bush lowered taxes and by the time he left office the economy was bleeding 700,000 jobs a month. And I already told you where the stock market was.  That bleeding has stopped and has even been reversed under Obama, but any president can only do so much with the entire Republican-controlled Congress against him.  And make no mistake—the Republicans control both chambers by a majority in the House and by filibuster in the Senate.  John Boehner, his boss Eric Cantor, and Mitch McConnell are the three men responsible for the 8.3% fictional unemployment rate while the stock market thrives in spite of their best efforts to drown it in a bathtub along with the federal government.

Of course the so-called tea party will believe nor accept none of this—but there is one way both could be achieved.  How do I get this blog post on Fox?