Once a Willard, Always A Willard

Willard Mitt Romney is still the same prep school bully who forcibly chopped off a gay boy’s bleached-blond locks. Bain Capital became another pair of scissors and the companies and lives he ruined were just another gay, bleached- blond haired kid. Now he’s set his eyes on the presidency as a new pair of scissors; and guess who’s the new gay, bleached-blond haired kid?

A fifteen year old bully finds out in two or three years that he now needs the same people he terrorized in school to vote him Senior Class President.  This would give him only two lines of attack: 1. Claim he forgot all about it.  2. Go up to his victims, tell them that back then he was immature and had personal problems but has done a lot of growing up since then and has changed—and then give them half a $50 bill and promise to give them the other half if they vote for him for class president.  Much like he’s doing now—the first line of attack that is. Romney is all about denying his history.

A leopard never changes his spots, old dogs can’t learn new tricks, horses are not changed in midstream,  and young spoiled rich brats grow into older spoiled rich brats. He’s taken his scissors to England and Israel, and his press secretary borrowed them to use on the media in Poland, which is why the Poles escaped Romney’s visit unscathed.

Romney checked out midway through his governorship, running the state on auto pilot for the rest of his one term.  No reason to think he wouldn’t do the same as president, especially after he learns on Day One that he can’t outsource American citizenship overseas or transfer the Federal Reserve to a Cayman Island bank account.

Romney took his scissors to many companies and hundreds of thousands of jobs and now he’s seeking the votes of the same people he terrorized as he ruined their lives.  Forgetting what he did is not gaining him in popularity so that only lives giving all those people financial bribes to vote for him. But damn it all, he left all his small change in his other pants pocket.