The GOP: All They Need Is Love

Forget Mitt Romney.  Forget Marco Rubio.  Forget Jeb Bush for that matter.  The GOP feels it has found its own Barack Obama and she is female!  Her name is Mia Love.

Mitt Romney is a rich, white male Mormon.  Strikes one, two and three and he’s out.  Love comes from a very comfortable middle class family (her parents were Haitian immigrants), and never went to business school, let alone a prep school. She’s the mom of three kids and has the required mainstream conservative political outlook.  The three strikes against her are that her parents are from Haiti ( does she have her long form birth certificate proving she was born in New York in a safe deposit  box?), she’s in an interracial marriage (how will the kids know what they are?),  and she’s Mormon.

But apparently the third strike was dropped by the catcher because she’s still up at bat and the GOP has paid off the pitcher to groove one in over the plate so she can hit the next pitch out of the park.

Love is no community organizer.  She was one the city council before being elected mayor of a small town.  Hmmm, this scenario sounds familiar.  Wasn’t there a certain white female mayor of Wasilla who started out on the city council? She turned out to be all hat and no cattle but the GOP thinks it’s latched onto the real thing with Mia Love.

And make no mistake about it, Love’s political success so far is due to the local GOP political machine who adopted her, who’ve now handed off control of her future to the RNC.  And you can bet they’re already working on what they expect to be thrown at her.  Is she really a natural-born citizen? Just bring that birth certificate out of the safe deposit box.  She has a white husband.  Well, weren’t Obama’s parents of mixed race? She’s a Mormon and therefore not a real Christian.  Didn’t Mitt Romney make it OK to be a Mormon? He was just the wrong candidate at the wrong time.  She’s a woman.  Hey, the War On Women was a Democrat invention.  We love women in the Republican Party (as long as they do what they’re told).

So, Mia Love is emerging at the Great Black Hope of the GOP after so many pretenders never panned out.  They feel she’s unbeatable being black, female, young, and conservative.  The Mormon thing they’ll more or less gloss over.  The GOP is positive they’ve found the first female black president of the United States.  She just has to beat Democratic incumbent  Jim Matheson to represent the new 4th Congressional district in Utah and she’s in like Flynn.  And make no mistake about it: the GOP has targeted this race as being more important than Romney’s race for the White House and they’re going to throw all the Citizens United covert monies they can at her to get Love elected.

So, it seems like the Republican Party doesn’t fear blacks and women after all.  At least, not the ones they can control.


6 thoughts on “The GOP: All They Need Is Love

  1. Anna Paschal says:

    Republicans love masks so much!!, you know Mia would definitely be only the beatifully enhanced dancing/singing puppet and “heroin” to those so susceptible to such hynotic trances. Reagan in female for, or Bushy the flip side, – and Mormom, too, so … who’s on board with those guys, again???

  2. Good catch. I’m a Mormon, but I live outside of Utah and had never heard of her before. I don’t think she is a black version of Sarah Palin, though, because it sounds like Love can speak coherently. But if GOPers think she would be presidential material any time in the next couple of decades, they are dreaming. I don’t think she has the education or background to make it on the national stage yet, and nobody is going to pick her as a VP running mate after the Palin fiasco.

    • farlefty says:

      Love is not like Palin because she can speak coherently. Great line. I think she’s one of the people the GOP is grooming for 2016. I used to think the red carpet was laid out for Jeb Bush, now I’m not so sure.

  3. sixjak says:

    Love all the irony in your bigotry.

    • farlefty says:

      What irony? One form of irony is saying the opposite of what one means. I said exactly what I wanted to say. My comment to you is the truth is a bitch. I nailed what Mia Love (which isn’t even her real name) is all about. Ask your black friends if you have any.

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