The Stupid Vote

You don’t have to be stupid to be a Republican but they sure prefer it that way.   Since Fox News has been scientifically proven to make smart people stupid and stupid people stupider, it’s the Republican version of the old Soviet TASS agency, which served up fresh propaganda daily throughout the USSR.

Who else but a stupid person would believe Mitt Romney’s claims that when he ran Bain Capital he was a job creator? Romney was just the money mover there; he hired guys to buy and dismantle companies for him, bankrupting 20% of them and shipping hundreds of thousands of jobs overseas.  Only a stupid person would believe his claim that what he did at Bain was the same thing as President Obama bailing out the auto industry, except Romney publicly opposed the bailout in an op-ed piece he wrote just before the bailout.  He wanted to see the auto industry go bankrupt (he’s got a thing for other people’s bankruptcies), just like he wanted to see all the homeowners defaulting on their mortgages lose their homes.

Only a stupid person would believe Romney’s contention that since 2009, Obama’s economic policies have cost millions of American jobs instead of actually creating 3 million—more than reversing the Bush trend of losing 700,000 jobs per month.

Only a stupid person would believe that Romney’s billionaire national financial co-chair, Frank VanderSloot, is a small businessman in Idaho whose small business was hurt when the Obama campaign outed him as a major donor to the Romney campaign.  The stupid person would also buy VanderSloot has nothing against gays although he personally has donated to anti-gay campaigns in Idaho.  (Charges against VanderSloot are difficult to prove since he sics his very expensive attorneys on just about anyone who publishes negative comments about him.  Not very small businessman-like to have a very expensive attorney on retainer.)

A stupid person would readily believe that Obama is endangering our country by cutting back on military spending when, without getting us into two unfunded wars, he eliminated the major terrorist of our time and a few of his underlings, and helped free Libyans from the tyranny of the Khadafi regime without getting one U.S. troop killed or captured.

It takes a stupid person to believe all these lies because a smart person would know how to find out the truth debunking all these lies in the global knowledge base that exists outside Fox News and the Republican TASS surrogates who practice Petulance In Broadcasting or run The Craze website.  Stupid people watch Bill O’Reilly talk like a newsman so they assume he is one.  They watch Republican blacks and women putting down non-Republican blacks and women and assume Republican blacks and women are telling the truth because you don’t hate your own kind, right?

So, this explains why the Republicans are attacking and dismantling educational systems across the country because they count on the stupid vote keeping them in office and winning back the White House and Congress.

So, for all the young people who think voting is stupid; it is only if you vote Republican.


2 thoughts on “The Stupid Vote

  1. Besides stupidity, political spin also is a factor. Stories are out about Obama cutting military spending, but he’s really increased it and will continue to do so. He’s really just moderating proposed increases over the next few years.

    • farlefty says:

      What’s ironic is that while the Republicans have been lying about his economic and military accomplishments, and about his budget, they’re not hitting very hard on the issues he’s vulnerable on. He has done nothing to bring any of the Wall St./bankster major players in the 2008 financial meltdown to justice; he’s out-bushed Bush when it’s coming to domestic spying and greasing the skids to imprison or kill American citizens without formal charges being brought against them or even a trial. These two things alone rankle his base but the Repubs are pursuing lies to try to win over the undeducated undecided vote.

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