The Decisive President

Ed Gillespie, who was an advisor to the worst president in US history—George W. Bush—and now advises among the worst Republican candidates for president in US history—Mitt Romney—calls President Obama “one of the most divisive presidents in American history”. At least he wasn’t using the typical Republican hyperbole and calling him the MOST divisive.

If Obama is divisive, which he most certainly is among the Left but not for the reasons I’m about to discuss, what would the reasons be?

Could it be Fox who takes every opportunity to remind American voters that the President is black? Could it be Fox, the Tea Party, Donald Trump, and other surrogates who continue at every opportunity to cast doubt on Obama’s legal right to be president by questioning his natural born US citizenship?

Could it be the Republicans using the “rubber/glue” offense where everything they’ve done to sink the economy and to prevent it from rebounding is blamed on the Obama administration, and by the same token they claim credit for all the positive accomplishments of this same administration? To hear the Republicans tell it, George W. Bush led Navy Seal Team 6 into bin Laden’s compound and personally fired the killshot to the head that ended Osama’s career as founder/leader of al-Qaeda.

Romney himself said in 2007 “it’s not worth moving heaven and earth spending billions of dollars just trying to catch one person,” referring to bin-Laden. He now says of course he would have given the order to go after the guy.  That’s like Romney saying of course he would have let his ex-dog Seamus ride inside of the car instead of on the roof his car. Anyone can look back and re-write their past. Romney just happens to use an Etch-A-Sketch.

To listen to the Etch-A-Sketch salesman/Romney campaign senior advisor Eric Fehrnstrom tell it, Obama followed Romney’s bailout plan to save the US auto industry, adhering to another Republican tactic which is to pretend that the internet, TV, radio, newspapers, and new magazines didn’t exist in 2008 when Romney wrote his now-infamous New York Times op-ed piece entitled “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt” which proves Fehrnstrom to be as deceitful as his candidate. It must be the culture of the campaign.

Obama is by no means a perfect president or a candidate for one. But he did make the decisions to bail out Detroit and to capture Osama bin-Laden, “decisions” as in taking decisive action. What big decisions has Romney made that affected millions of people? Oh yes; through Bain Capital he decided which companies to buy and then dismantle into easily sellable or bankruptable people, losing hundreds of thousands of American jobs and making him and Bain Capital hundreds of millions of American dollars.

The only decision he ever made which benefited the average person was signing the Romneycare bill in Massachusetts, which Obama used as the model for the Affordable Care Act.  But Romney refuses to take credit for that now, so I can’t give it to him either.

Mitt and Ann Romney love reminding us all how rich they are at a time when more children then ever before are on Food Stamps and living in poverty. As eventual Republican/1% presidential candidate and at the forefront of its twin wars on the lower classes and on women, Romney is truly the divisive one in this contest.