Romney And Trump: The Firing Squad

Donald Trump said this of Mitt Romney: “He’s going to turn this country around. He’s going to create jobs like you haven’t seen for many, many years.”  Let’s examine the irony and the falseness of this statement.

As a founder and head of Bain Capital, Romney was focused on earning profits for his company and investors.  In pursuit of these profits, some of the companies in which Bain invested made money by being left intact. But 22% of the companies acquired by Bain Capital filed for bankruptcy and were dissolved, or dismantled by Bain and sold off in pieces to foreign buyers, with an additional 8% closing their doors and losing all of Bain’s invested funds in the process.  So, while 70% of the companies did fine, the lives, savings, and careers of tens of thousands of people employed by those failed or dismantled companies were irreversibly destroyed. reported on one such company: “…one company, Worldwide Grinding Systems…went belly up after Bain invested in it. The company not only lost 750 jobs, but the federal government had to come in to bail out its pension fund, while Bain walked away with millions in profits.”

Romney in 2011 claimed he had created over 100,000 jobs through Bain Capital.  As the company history has become more publicized, he has whittled this job creation claim down to a few thousand.  So much for turning the country around and creating jobs like we’ve never seen.  But Trump is right: Romney did create jobs like we’ve never seen because those jobs were created in places like China and India.

Besides, what kind of job creation can you expect from Romney who famously said “I like being able to fire people who provide services to me. You know, if someone doesn’t give me a good service that I need, I want to say, ‘I’m going to go get someone else to provide that service to me.”  He was talking about healthcare providers but it still displays his mindset.  People are at his disposal which certainly makes them disposable.  He likes to fire people, period.

As for Donald Trump being his surrogate, let’s examine the wisdom of this choice in greater detail.  His “Apprentice” TV show in its two versions follows the same formula: 18 contestant “employees” vie for a “job” with Trump.  His own job is to find reasons to fire 17 of them before he “hires” the remaining candidate.  Every week he speaks his signature line “You’re fired”.  So, we have a wealthy surrogate who specializes and exhults in weekly televised firing of “employees” trying to sell us a presidential candidate who callously robbed hundreds of thousands of people of their jobs all in the name of profits for Bain Capital and its investors.  If the Obama campaign were as smart as their candidate is reputed to be, it would put out video ads juxtaposing Trump with his fantasyland claim about Romney creating new jobs with a graphic of all the jobs Bain Capital destroyed and a recurring video of Trump repeating “You’re fired.” Hey, Obama campaign: if you need someone to put this campaign together for you, I could use a job.


The GOP: All They Need Is Love

Forget Mitt Romney.  Forget Marco Rubio.  Forget Jeb Bush for that matter.  The GOP feels it has found its own Barack Obama and she is female!  Her name is Mia Love.

Mitt Romney is a rich, white male Mormon.  Strikes one, two and three and he’s out.  Love comes from a very comfortable middle class family (her parents were Haitian immigrants), and never went to business school, let alone a prep school. She’s the mom of three kids and has the required mainstream conservative political outlook.  The three strikes against her are that her parents are from Haiti ( does she have her long form birth certificate proving she was born in New York in a safe deposit  box?), she’s in an interracial marriage (how will the kids know what they are?),  and she’s Mormon.

But apparently the third strike was dropped by the catcher because she’s still up at bat and the GOP has paid off the pitcher to groove one in over the plate so she can hit the next pitch out of the park.

Love is no community organizer.  She was one the city council before being elected mayor of a small town.  Hmmm, this scenario sounds familiar.  Wasn’t there a certain white female mayor of Wasilla who started out on the city council? She turned out to be all hat and no cattle but the GOP thinks it’s latched onto the real thing with Mia Love.

And make no mistake about it, Love’s political success so far is due to the local GOP political machine who adopted her, who’ve now handed off control of her future to the RNC.  And you can bet they’re already working on what they expect to be thrown at her.  Is she really a natural-born citizen? Just bring that birth certificate out of the safe deposit box.  She has a white husband.  Well, weren’t Obama’s parents of mixed race? She’s a Mormon and therefore not a real Christian.  Didn’t Mitt Romney make it OK to be a Mormon? He was just the wrong candidate at the wrong time.  She’s a woman.  Hey, the War On Women was a Democrat invention.  We love women in the Republican Party (as long as they do what they’re told).

So, Mia Love is emerging at the Great Black Hope of the GOP after so many pretenders never panned out.  They feel she’s unbeatable being black, female, young, and conservative.  The Mormon thing they’ll more or less gloss over.  The GOP is positive they’ve found the first female black president of the United States.  She just has to beat Democratic incumbent  Jim Matheson to represent the new 4th Congressional district in Utah and she’s in like Flynn.  And make no mistake about it: the GOP has targeted this race as being more important than Romney’s race for the White House and they’re going to throw all the Citizens United covert monies they can at her to get Love elected.

So, it seems like the Republican Party doesn’t fear blacks and women after all.  At least, not the ones they can control.

The Stupid Vote

You don’t have to be stupid to be a Republican but they sure prefer it that way.   Since Fox News has been scientifically proven to make smart people stupid and stupid people stupider, it’s the Republican version of the old Soviet TASS agency, which served up fresh propaganda daily throughout the USSR.

Who else but a stupid person would believe Mitt Romney’s claims that when he ran Bain Capital he was a job creator? Romney was just the money mover there; he hired guys to buy and dismantle companies for him, bankrupting 20% of them and shipping hundreds of thousands of jobs overseas.  Only a stupid person would believe his claim that what he did at Bain was the same thing as President Obama bailing out the auto industry, except Romney publicly opposed the bailout in an op-ed piece he wrote just before the bailout.  He wanted to see the auto industry go bankrupt (he’s got a thing for other people’s bankruptcies), just like he wanted to see all the homeowners defaulting on their mortgages lose their homes.

Only a stupid person would believe Romney’s contention that since 2009, Obama’s economic policies have cost millions of American jobs instead of actually creating 3 million—more than reversing the Bush trend of losing 700,000 jobs per month.

Only a stupid person would believe that Romney’s billionaire national financial co-chair, Frank VanderSloot, is a small businessman in Idaho whose small business was hurt when the Obama campaign outed him as a major donor to the Romney campaign.  The stupid person would also buy VanderSloot has nothing against gays although he personally has donated to anti-gay campaigns in Idaho.  (Charges against VanderSloot are difficult to prove since he sics his very expensive attorneys on just about anyone who publishes negative comments about him.  Not very small businessman-like to have a very expensive attorney on retainer.)

A stupid person would readily believe that Obama is endangering our country by cutting back on military spending when, without getting us into two unfunded wars, he eliminated the major terrorist of our time and a few of his underlings, and helped free Libyans from the tyranny of the Khadafi regime without getting one U.S. troop killed or captured.

It takes a stupid person to believe all these lies because a smart person would know how to find out the truth debunking all these lies in the global knowledge base that exists outside Fox News and the Republican TASS surrogates who practice Petulance In Broadcasting or run The Craze website.  Stupid people watch Bill O’Reilly talk like a newsman so they assume he is one.  They watch Republican blacks and women putting down non-Republican blacks and women and assume Republican blacks and women are telling the truth because you don’t hate your own kind, right?

So, this explains why the Republicans are attacking and dismantling educational systems across the country because they count on the stupid vote keeping them in office and winning back the White House and Congress.

So, for all the young people who think voting is stupid; it is only if you vote Republican.

The End Of Austerity

With the victory of the Socialist candidate Francois Hollande over French President Nicholas Sarkozy, it signals the beginning of the end of right wing-imposed economic austerity programs around the world. Germany’s Angela Merkel, as head of the strongest economy in Europe, has been leading this austere assault on the not-so-strong economies of countries such as Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Ireland in return for loans with which to pay their bills.

Problem is, the poor and middle class don’t like essential services getting cut, and certainly don’t like having to pay higher taxes to get their countries back in the black while those who caused the flow of all that red ink get tax breaks and bonuses while shoveling all their cash into hidden offshore tax havens.

Like all economic conservatives, Merkel and her ilk believe the only in austerity for the poor and not themselves. Someone name one government perk Merkel has eschewed as Chancellor of Germany. OK, time’s up and you couldn’t anyway. Same goes for every member of the legislative bodies throughout Europe and the United States. With them, it’s do as I say because I don’t have to.

Throughout economic history, austerity has never worked to balance budgets because, despite the lies told by those heads of state, and the Republican Party here, cutting spending to social programs never balances the budget—never.  Anyone who tries to balance their household checkbook knows that when expenses exceed income you must do two things: cut discretionary spending (spending on luxury and fun items), and bring in more money.

On a national level, the discretionary spending on fun and luxury items are the tax breaks for the rich and the corporations, subsidies on things like oil and corn, and defense. The savings from doing just those few things would not only balance the budget but to a long ways toward paying down the deficit.  In a time of depression, which the US is currently in, common sense and historical precedent shows you INCREASE spending on essentials like repairing infrastructure, job training and creation, and social services. You put spending money in the pockets of the poor—you don’t take it away. You spend money on preventive health care which is much cheaper than paying to treat illness. You spend money on regulatory agencies because it’s much cheaper to prevent a coal mine or an offshore oil rig from blowing up than it is to bury the dead and clean up the mess.

And the thing is, regular people don’t like to have to do without while the rich guys do as they please.  John Boehner, Eric Cantor, and Paul Ryan most likely dress in $2500 Armani business suits bought with taxpayer dollars, fly first class with airfare paid for with taxpayer dollars, and eat in the finest restaurants and stay in 5-star hotels, all paid for my taxpayer dollars; well, except for the times when lobbyists pick up the tab, so maybe not as many taxpayer dollars are being spent as we think.

Globally, people have had it with this austerity crap. They’ve rioted in Greece and London, and the Occupy movement has taken hold worldwide as well.  People are finally asking for their piece of the pie instead of looking through the window at the rich eating all of theirs.

The election of a Socialist leader in France might just presage the conservatives being tossed out every else where there are truly free elections. It could also happen here in the United States.

It’s the New World Order, all right.  It’s just not the new world the political conservatives had in mind.

The Decisive President

Ed Gillespie, who was an advisor to the worst president in US history—George W. Bush—and now advises among the worst Republican candidates for president in US history—Mitt Romney—calls President Obama “one of the most divisive presidents in American history”. At least he wasn’t using the typical Republican hyperbole and calling him the MOST divisive.

If Obama is divisive, which he most certainly is among the Left but not for the reasons I’m about to discuss, what would the reasons be?

Could it be Fox who takes every opportunity to remind American voters that the President is black? Could it be Fox, the Tea Party, Donald Trump, and other surrogates who continue at every opportunity to cast doubt on Obama’s legal right to be president by questioning his natural born US citizenship?

Could it be the Republicans using the “rubber/glue” offense where everything they’ve done to sink the economy and to prevent it from rebounding is blamed on the Obama administration, and by the same token they claim credit for all the positive accomplishments of this same administration? To hear the Republicans tell it, George W. Bush led Navy Seal Team 6 into bin Laden’s compound and personally fired the killshot to the head that ended Osama’s career as founder/leader of al-Qaeda.

Romney himself said in 2007 “it’s not worth moving heaven and earth spending billions of dollars just trying to catch one person,” referring to bin-Laden. He now says of course he would have given the order to go after the guy.  That’s like Romney saying of course he would have let his ex-dog Seamus ride inside of the car instead of on the roof his car. Anyone can look back and re-write their past. Romney just happens to use an Etch-A-Sketch.

To listen to the Etch-A-Sketch salesman/Romney campaign senior advisor Eric Fehrnstrom tell it, Obama followed Romney’s bailout plan to save the US auto industry, adhering to another Republican tactic which is to pretend that the internet, TV, radio, newspapers, and new magazines didn’t exist in 2008 when Romney wrote his now-infamous New York Times op-ed piece entitled “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt” which proves Fehrnstrom to be as deceitful as his candidate. It must be the culture of the campaign.

Obama is by no means a perfect president or a candidate for one. But he did make the decisions to bail out Detroit and to capture Osama bin-Laden, “decisions” as in taking decisive action. What big decisions has Romney made that affected millions of people? Oh yes; through Bain Capital he decided which companies to buy and then dismantle into easily sellable or bankruptable people, losing hundreds of thousands of American jobs and making him and Bain Capital hundreds of millions of American dollars.

The only decision he ever made which benefited the average person was signing the Romneycare bill in Massachusetts, which Obama used as the model for the Affordable Care Act.  But Romney refuses to take credit for that now, so I can’t give it to him either.

Mitt and Ann Romney love reminding us all how rich they are at a time when more children then ever before are on Food Stamps and living in poverty. As eventual Republican/1% presidential candidate and at the forefront of its twin wars on the lower classes and on women, Romney is truly the divisive one in this contest.