The Return Of Candidate Barack Obama?

President Obama just gave a speech at the AP Luncheon that was 99% magnificent and should have been given one year ago.

I say 99% magnificent because during the 1% when he was talking about the people who caused the financial disaster, he neglected to mention that many people who helped cause that financial disaster were given jobs in the Obama Administration—Treasury Secretary for example, and running the Federal Reserve.

But he did attack point after point why Paul Ryan’s budget plan—which Mitt Romney supports—would be the ruination of this country while making the top 1% even more very, very rich.

He did bring up that his own proposed budget—now lying dormant in the Republican-controlled Congress–was based on his Simpson-Bowles committee’s budget plan, but wisely stated he hadn’t agreed with all the Simpson-Bowles budget proposals. Whew, that was a close one!

But the President has always made great speeches but very often failed to follow it up with action, even if the action was merely speaking out against the Republicans the way he did today.

Let’s hope that with this speech, President Obama has decided to go back to his roots and goals that propelled him into popularity and the White House. And let’s hope his far overdue salvos on Republican policies and budget plans will be followed up with action to prevent them from ever seeing the light of day. No more compromises, Mr. President. No more reaching across the aisle only to have your hand slapped away. This is political warfare and the fate of the entire country and the world is at stake.