Contract With America – 2012 Style

It came upon a morning clear. I just had to put all the clues together.

First, it was Attorney General Eric Holder claiming there’s a Constitutional difference between due process and judicial process as a “legal” justification for President Obama’s authority to order the imprisonment or the assassination of anyone anywhere in the world at any time. (Mr. Holder? The ghost of Thomas Jefferson would like to have a word with you.)

Next, Obama signs H.R. 347, otherwise known as the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act which is makes it virtually impossible for undesirables to get close to the White House. Sprinkle in the USA PATRIOT and other assorted Acts and it becomes obvious: Obama is not trying to protect the American people from terrorist attacks. He’s trying to protect himself from going out like John F. Kennedy. Anyone anywhere who might be a potential assassin or part of a cabal is taken out first. No one with a dissenting opinion gets near the White House. To be honest, it’s perfectly understandable the President would feel this way. Obama has been the target of the worst virulent and vitriolic racial attacks and has received more death threats than any President before him, solely because there have been no black Presidents before him.

But the problem here is the Presidential paranoia showing behind that easy grin. Richard M. Nixon may have been the most paranoid President in history but he loved and respected the Constitution too much to compromise it when it came to civil rights.

One would think that Barack Obama, the Constitutional scholar, would feel the same way. But instead he’s Groucho Marx playing out the famous contract scene from the Marx Brothers “A Night At The Opera” but he’s playing it without brother Chico.

To the Obama administration, any clause in the contract (Constitution) or its amendments that guarantees American citizens certain rights while exposing Obama to potential danger, well, “she’s no good, boss.”

Obama is taking the parts of the Constitution with selected Amendments and tearing off the parts he doesn’t like until he’s left holding a narrow scrap of paper in his hands.

But we got a Constitution—no matter how small it is. But not only doesn’t it have a Sanity Clause, it barely has any amendments left.