Rush Limbaugh, The Great White Whale: Thar He Blows His Job!

Rush Limbaugh is a slut. Rush Limbaugh is a prostitute—but with a twist. Prostitutes are paid to fuck people. Limbaugh is paid to fuck over people. The slander job he did on Sandra Fluke was just another assignment for the highly-paid right wing hit man. He obviously thought this was just another milk run. He didn’t even bother to write out his notes first to gather his thoughts. He just winged it off the cuff as he’s done for decades. And why not? He always got away with it. He practically calls the President of The United States “boy” and childishly mangles the name of the First Lady—and gets away with it. Sandra Fluke was just a regular person, a non-entity who’s first name he didn’t even have to get right, or maybe he intentionally called her Susan just to unveil his total contempt for her. She was just a little girl who dared to stand up in the face of Republicans to tell them they had no right to legislate against and restrict birth control methods for women and how they’re paid for. Little pipsqueak had to be made an example of. After his show Limbaugh thought smugly to himself “That should take care of that.”

He was wrong. For the first time in his long career which had been supported and bankrolled by the Republican Party, he had misread both his audience and the size of the backlash mounting against him. He could get away with virtually calling President Obama the n-word in dog whistlespeak, but you don’t call an intelligent young woman who is living her life no different than millions of other women in this country a “slut”, a “prostitute” and insist that she post videos of her sex life online. Just like the Republicans finally overreached with their narrowly-averted government shutdown over the debt ceiling, Limbaugh overreached in trying to crush what to him was just another Feminazi. It came across as a verbal raping of Ms. Fluke, with Limbaugh pompously puffing on his big, fat cigar after the deed.

Limbaugh’s problem is that due to the immense amount of money he’s been handed by the Republicans and their using their influence to place him in 500 radio markets as well as Armed Forces Radio, he truly believed he existed on a plane above mortal men. Well, just look, any politician who dared criticize him was summarily taken to the woodshed and get the shit beaten out of him while being given the Word. And the Word is you don’t ever—ever—oppose Rush in public. And the politician would dutifully and humbly walk back his statement, otherwise after the next election a new Limbaugh lackey would be occupying that Congressional seat.

But not this time. Exhibit A:

Republicans know that their Great White Whale has been lifted on his own harpoon and there’s blood in the water. No one’s going to the Limbaugh woodshed this time around. To not criticize him—no matter how tepidly as Mitt Romney is doing—would mean being the targets of the same Limbaugh backlash come this November.

Currently there are three and probably many more petitions being circulated online to have Limbaugh censured by the Republican Party, to pressure his sponsors to drop him (both Sleep Train and Sleep Number Beds already have), and to have Premier Networks—his syndicator—do the right thing and drop the bastard off in the nearest dumpster. Where would one find links to these petitions and sponsors? Read on:

That should be enough to get you going and to get your voice heard

Don Imus was the target of a similar backlash when he called the Rutgers University women’s basketball team “nappy-headed hos”. MSNBC dropped him like the hot, racist potato he was. Limbaugh is clearly both racist AND sexist. His sponsors and syndicator are feeling the heat of his great white potatohood now and it must be clear to them it shows no sign of cooling off.  Limbaugh must follow Imus as one the Great Has Beens of Media History. Just wondering about after he loses his health plan, how will Limbaugh afford the cost of his Viagra and oxycontin? It’s got to be A LOT more than $1000 yearly in birth control pills. I just know MY tax dollars ain’t going to pay for his drugs. I’ll get my Democratic congressman right on it.

Rush Limbaugh has always called himself an “entertainer”. If anyone continues to be “entertained” by an onslaught of character assassination delivered with vitriol that is so overtly relished by this Great White Whale, that person needs to be dropped in the same dumpster with the beast. They can then spend the end of their days together in a landfill until a time in the distant future where their remains can actually be put to use for the benefit of mankind by fertilizing forested land where the spotted owl shall thrive and the trees can help reverse climate change around the earth.  Limbaugh would be so happy.


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