Andrew Breitbart—Rest In Turmoil

I greeted the news of Andrew Breitbart’s timely death with leer and gloating. Ding dong the bitch is dead!  If I was a dancer I would be making plans to visit his grave after his corpse has been tossed into it.

This was a man who made a good living from ruining the lives of people he disagreed with politically although he would have surely done it for free. The only problem with his death is that it happened about three years too late.  Let’s imagine the United States without an Andrew Breitbart from January 2009 on:

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) would still be working for low- and moderate-income families on issues dealing with health, affordable housing, social issues, and most importantly—registering them to vote.

Van Jones would still be still be the Special Advisor for Enterprise and Innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality, working on developing a “green” industry and the jobs to fill it.

Shirley Sherrod would still be working happily as the Georgia State Director of Rural Development for the US Department of Agriculture.

Ronald Schiller would still be raising money for NPR.

It’s kind of like a reverse “It’s A Wonderful Life” where everyone’s lives would have been better had Breitbart never existed.

My concern now is for James O’Keefe, the Breitbart lackey who shot and acted in the videos that inexplicably brought most of these people down. Who sponsors him now? Who supplies the planning and repository for his venal video character and agency assassinations? The poor guy might have to shrivel up and disappear into the shadows or, gulp, get a job.

Breitbart was the very definition and personification of unhinged. Check out this video of his ranting at an Occupy protest:

And this was a guy who struck fear in the very core of the pillars of power at the White House and NPR. The last person to strike such fear was a man who never lost anyone their job. His name was Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. but in his case, the pillars of power struck back, if one is to think conspiratorially.

Today, Rep. Louis Gohmert, the Texas Twit, honored Breitbart’s name on the floor of the House.  If he tries to get a federal holiday named after the guy, he’ll answer to me.

So, ding dong the bells once more, a coronary house fell on Andrew Breitbart today. Let’s just hope he doesn’t have his own Clarence the Angel to lift the house off him.


2 thoughts on “Andrew Breitbart—Rest In Turmoil

  1. Middle Molly says:

    My deepest sympathies to his family.. but this man made a living off of trashing others.. And he is responsible for a good chunk of the venom and division. That’s all I will say.

    • farlefty says:

      Fully agreed. The only ones deserving of sympathy are the wife and children he left behind. In the long run they will be better off without him.

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