The Hypocrisy Of The Conservative Black Pastor

Black pastors who oppose same sex marriage are very much in the news. A notable exception to these hypocrites is Pastor Delman Coates of Maryland.

A quote from a 2004 MSNBC article could have been printed today: “When the homosexual compares himself to the black community, he doesn’t know what suffering is,’ said the Rev. Clarence James, an African-American studies professor at Temple University.” Oh really, Rev. James? Ask Matthew Shepard and Jesse William Dirkhising. Oh, you can’t—they were both murdered. Ask their families then.

Over 22% of hate crime murders are committed against gay victims although the total number of murders comprise a small percentage of the general population. But still, how many blacks were lynched last year? How many black teenagers committed suicide as opposed to gay teenagers? How many gay black teenagers committed suicide because they were black? And you hypocrites dare to claim that the gay population fighting for its rights has no relevance to the black population who fought for their civil rights?

It was less than 50 years ago when “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner” was released to great controversy. Even during the swinging 60’s many people didn’t stand for interracial marriage unless the groom was named Sammy Davis, Jr. or the bride was named Pearl Bailey. 20 years earlier black men were still getting lynched in the South for just talking to a white woman. So, all you black pastors, what if those conditions and outright hatred and bigotry still existed throughout America? Would you be ok with that? Or is it not ok to discriminate against someone on account of their skin color but ok to discriminate based on their sexual preference?

OK, black pastors, take out your bibles. Show me where it says God says that miscegenation is allowed but gay marriage isn’t. Show me where the bible sets out any rules about who can marry who to begin with. I’ll wait here while you look.

This is just another example of “I’ve got mine but you can’t get yours” which forms the basis of the Republican Party and apparently a number of black pastor’s versions of Christianity. These guys contend that the civil rights of gays is nothing like civil rights for blacks. I contend they are EXACTLY the same. Blacks have won the right to marry outside their race with impunity. What is wrong with people marrying within the same sex? And besides the satisfaction you get from sticking your holier-than-thou noses into other people’s bedrooms, what palpable effect does same sex marriage have on your personal lives? If John marries John, is your morning any different when you get up? If Jane marries Jane, does that mean your life as you know it will come to an end? Doe the price of gas or food go up when gay couples tie the knot? Will Israel attack Iran unless we ban gay marriage from the world?

And finally, black pastors, or even Pope Benedict—who died and made you God? Who made you the final arbiter of what the Bible says about marriage? The Bible was first written a couple of thousand years ago or so, and the memory of the words of Jesus might have spoken had been a little faded and shaky when pen was finally put to parchment.  If God created Man and Woman, he made them in different sexual preference varieties. Homosexuals are not mutations; in fact, how can any of you prove they weren’t part of His plan? Maybe it isn’t gays who are going to Hell, but the righteous bigots who hate and fear them.

This is not a Christian nation ruled by the Bible. This is a melting pot, as we were all taught in grade school, ruled by the Constitution. And unlike the Bible, the Constitution was written at the time this country gained their freedom by the same guys what did it.  It is not filled with legends of dubious origination, or fables open to interpretation. And the Constitution sets it all out in a lot less pages.

And final question to you black pastors: how many gay folks marched for your civil rights back in the 50’s and 60’s? How many of you have returned the favor?

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