Oh, Honey–The Safety Net Repairman Is Here!

A safety net by its very construction is just a series of holes connected to each other.  So, while is it designed to catch people and prevent them from hitting the ground, holes were meant to be fallen through.

So while we’re piling on top of Romney over his disregard for the very poor, let’s take a moment to remember exactly who made those holes larger.  It was the partnership of Bill Clinton & Newt Gingrich in 1993.

As always, the budget surplus was borne on the backs of the poor and the very poor.

Romney claims that if the safety net needs repair, he’ll fix it.  As impossible as it would be to mend that many holes, it’s also important to remember that Romney is a Republican. Republicans controlled both houses of Congress under George W. Bush for six years. During all that time, not one Republican from Bush on down offered to patch a single hole.

So, if Romney is bidding for the safety net repairman contract, he obviously believes a Democratic-controlled Congress will be his work crew.