Bachmann Bites The Dust

I had the misfortune of watching Michele Bachmann’s speech announcing she was quitting the presidential race. Yeah, she said she was suspending her campaign but that’s only so she can continue to rake in campaign contributions and keep the money.  The only possible reason why Bachmann stays in politics is for the money.  She certainly doesn’t do anything in Congress except vote the way she’s told to.  If she has ever introduced a bill into the House, it never got out of committee.  But, for some reason, she’s a money magnet.

When I listen to this woman speak, I’m convinced she paid the smart students in law school to do her homework and even impersonate her at the bar exam.  The only way Bachmann could have gotten hired at the IRS is if she had a powerful political sponsor. When the woman opens her mouth, abysmally stupid tripe and carefully-coached talking points spew from that orifice. Her intelligence probably matches that of Rick Perry and George W. Bush, which means stupidity is a basic Republican requirement to be elected to public office.  How else do you explain a woman who supposedly graduated from law school by her own efforts and worked in tax law at the IRS not knowing how to correctly pronounce the word “poignant”? For you Republicans, the “g” is silent. Except to Bachmann who pronounced it “poig-nant” at her press conference today.  So this stands beside her pronouncing “chutzpah” (again for you Republicans, it’s “hutz-pah”) just the way it’s spelled. You see with a mind as simple as Bachmann’s, words are to be pronounced as they’re spelled. Wonder what she does with “quixotic” or “psalm”?

Female politicians like Bachmann and Sarah Palin learned early on that if they’re pretty enough they don’t actually have to know anything about what they talk about.  They practice reciting with convictioin the speeches that are written for them and are hurried off the stage by their handlers after finishing their remarks.

Bachmann’s meaningless presidential campaign was kicked off with a meaningless win in last year’s meaningless Iowa Straw Poll–a victory she purchased out of her campaign’s petty cash fund.  Now, like Palin before her, the silliness of her running for president, if not out of her system, should be out of the Republican Party’s.

The sad thing about Michele Bachmann dropping out is that the joke which is the Republican presidential race has one less punch line.