Herman Cain’s Hail Mary Pass

Seems like Herman Cain is going long and going deep. He’s making a Hail Mary pass. He’s betting the entire game on one sudden death, make or break, all or nothing desperate play. He’s claiming he never saw Sharon Bialek before in his life until he saw her on TV yesterday with her attorney. Either Cain is supremely confident absolutely without question no photos exist of them together at the NRA or out to dinner, totally and completely confident that no one will emerge from the past confirming they saw the two together once or on several occasions, or the man is now showing signs of a serious mental disability which is being further enabled by his campaign staff and legal counsel. We will know within 2-3 days what the truth is. Meanwhile, Karen Kraushaar, one of the women Cain paid off, will speak publicly tomorrow. Stay tuned.