Herman Cain–Hero?

Herman Cain was called a hero on his Facebook page. So, growing up black and poor and turning himself into a successful Republican businessman qualifies him to be a hero? Barack Obama, growing up half-black and poor and turning himself into a Democratic US President disqualifies him as a hero? Why? Because he’s only half black and a Democrat? Either one?  Cain would like to represent brain-washed blacks everywhere, which is admirable because the brain-washed blacks have no one to speak for them. The fact that there are no actual brain-washed blacks may have something to do with that. Actually, Cain’s politics are right wing and very white, so that limits his voter base. Obama is center right but may be traveling leftward and his politics are multi-colored. This gives him a much wider voter base. Being a hero isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.