All These Good Christian Republicans

All these good Christian Republicans running for President like Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann must never have read their Bible. Even I know it’s a violation of the 9th Commandment to bear false witness against your neighbor. Obama and the Dems are THEIR neighbors. And doesn’t Perry compound his violation by claiming he worked a Miracle in Texas?  That’s infringing on God’s and Jesus’ territory—miracles. The only way these “Christians” will ever see Heaven’s Gate is to buy the film on DVD.


Will The Real President Obama Please Do Something

There are two schools of thought on President Obama. 1) He’s passive, cool, aloof. Doesn’t know what action to take and will allow the Super Committee or auto triggers to act for him. 2) He’s a master strategist, just sitting back and allowing the Super Committee and auto triggers to fail before swooping in and issuing executive orders to activate his agenda to get America back to work and fix the economy.

So, which one is the real Obama? I don’t know. What I do know that in each scenario, Obama is sitting back allowing the economy to sink and the country to further fragment. The country is both steerless and rudderless. He’s presiding over a spreading malignancy and whether it’s out of lack of leadership skills or just political strategizing, he’s allowing events to unfold that have global implications.

Obama can’t afford to wait for the phony Super Committee to act. With 3/4s of the composition of that committee set, it’s a foregone conclusion it will either gridlock or it will propose legislation that will screw the middle class and poor.  Obama was wrong to sign the budget bill that created this Congressional joke on us all. Obama needs to put politics aside and start proposing specific jobs creation plans now.  He needs to hammer away on TV showing exactly what roads, bridges, buildings, etc. need repair and dare the Republicans in those districts to go on record opposing Federal funds that will put their constituents to work making those repairs.

So, whether Obama is playing the fool or playing chess, he needs to make his Presidential move now.