Tro da bums out?

We’re hearing from several quarters, mainly simple-minded conservatives but some liberals, that we need to take a wide broom to Congress and sweep everyone away. Tro da bums out! That makes about as much sense as clearing out the entire fridge–freezer included–because there’s a carton with a dozen rotten eggs.

There are some good Democrats in both houses who have been fighting both the Republicans and their own Democratic leadership to avoid spending cuts to social services and retirement programs, Barbara Boxer and James Clyburn among them. And of course, Bernie Sanders is the crown jewel of the Senate.

If you’re going to take a broom to Congress, sweep every single Republican. You’ll find them in that carton of rotten eggs except there’s a lot more than merely a dozen of them.Maybe that’s why they’re so nuts. Scientific experiments have proven rats will go insane if a large number of them are hemmed into a tiny space.  Maybe all Republicans come from tiny spaces to begin with.