Lord Boehner

In olden days, Boehner’s story would have been told as a Shakespearean-like play. Coddled rich boy grows up in his Lord father’s castle, dreaming of being a Lord himself someday. He serves as an officer in his father’s army and eventually inherits Dad’s lorddom. He joins forces with another lord’s army and together they go off to wage war against the King. Boehner quickly finds out he’s not Lord material, suffers a devasting loss after his soldiers turn against him and depose him from command. He limps back home, only to find out his people don’t want him back as Lord either. He opens a small tavern in town because when he’s drunk around drunken people, life isn’t so bad. The end.

Boehner’s a classic example of someone who’s ambition overreached his abilities. Had he been content to stay a regular garden-variety Congressman, his job would still be secure, possibly but not probably after the 2012 elections. But, he HAD to be Speaker Of The House. One of Clint Eastwood’s famous movie lines was “A man’s got to know his limitations.” Boehner obviously didn’t, but President Obama and Eric Cantor both obviously did. They each gave Boehner enough rope to hang himself, although Obama kept offering to use the rope on himself. Boehner lived up to both their expectations and now his political career hangs there, turning slowly in the wind. This really wouldn’t have made a very good play because everyone in the audience could already guess the ending before they took their seats. But, fortunately for America, the sequel to Lord Boehner, Lord Boehner II, The Fall of Lord Cantor, is the same exact story with the same exact ending. Republicans never did have any new ideas.


5 thoughts on “Lord Boehner

  1. TharpSter says:

    I don’t believe the outcome of the debt talks will usher the Speaker home. To be honest, I’ve got to think a Tea Party revolt or a sex scandal (manufactured or not) will be the only thing to get Boehner out of there. The Tea Party doesn’t have enough pull in Congress yet to ouster the old guard yet.

    • farlefty says:

      You don’t already see a Tea Party revolt in action? How long did it take Boehner to round up enough votes to pass the last version of his useless piece of crap? He had to bow to the will of the teabaggers and add a Balanced Budget Amendment section to it. The BBA will never pass either. Eric Cantor is poised to exploit the teabagger revolt against Boehner. Watch The Orange One resign from Congress way before the 2012 elections. It could even be within the next two months.

      • farlefty says:

        Oh, it’s very clear to see how the teabaggers have risen up against The Boner. His last official act as Speaker may have been naming the three Norquistbots to the “super” committee.

    • farlefty says:

      It remains to be seen how much support Cantor has amassed behind the scenes. Cantor might have sold the old guard on the premise The Boner has no control over the teabaggers but Cantor will.

  2. TharpSter says:

    In light of recent days’ events, I’ll support his expedited return to the private sector.

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